We have dabbled a bit around this subject from time to time: The matter of girls, sex, and relationships whilst not a mainstay of our work, has nonetheless been a prominent part of Bulldog Mindset.

Given the sheer amount of content on this subject that has been circulating online, particularly over half a decade or so, with the growing presence of various dating and relationship gurus who have entered to fill in the space being a key indicator.

Thus we thought maybe it was time to break this subject down to its most important elements but from an unapologetically male perspective.

Yes. Today we are going to talk about how you, or maybe your ‘friend’ who is struggling with the ladies, can land a hot girlfriend.

Or at least get better at approaching and talking to girls.

The latter might seem trivial on the face of it. But believe me, a lot of guys, like a lot truly struggle when it comes to this arena. To say nothing when it comes to actually putting the moves on the girl and getting things moving to the place you want things to be.

These are some of the interesting but pertinent questions we will be engaging in the course of this post. So read on, as we promise to make this worth your while.

The Problem with Trying to ‘Find’ a Girlfriend 

Let’s start by answering the most pressing question: As a hot-blooded man who would like some hot female company: the idea of trying to GET a girlfriend by looking for that ONE right girl, is NOT the best strategy.

Whether you are an average guy in his prime years (which varies from person to person); with a decent paying job; unemployed and trying to find his way in his life; or someone who is well established, physically fit (which is a bit above average if we are talking about the United States)…

Or even if you are not any of these, no matter your current state in life when it comes to girls, the practice of setting your target on one girl and hoping to make it ‘work’ by doing x, y, z is, to quote Marvel’s famous Playboy billionaire, “Not a great plan”.

But why is that you may rightly ask?

‘I like this girl: The girl I met (or saw) at the mall. Or the girl from the high school English class. Or the girl at my second favorite tutorial in my undergrad year etc. And seeing how she looks and (maybe) speaks, I want to make things work between us'.

OK. Well if that is your conviction and you believe it strongly enough then goes for it!

But as we may all know, part of the problem today with the troubles men are having when it comes to women is that nothing much of substance is really happening in this department. Especially by guys following this ‘strategy’.

One that appears to be a default approach for a lot of men.

Not only when it comes to getting a girlfriend and forming a meaningful relationship, but even when it comes to simpler (but not so simple) things like interacting effectively with members of the opposite sex.

This is a much bigger subject that relates to the status of men in the modern world, which we shall get to later in this post, and how it ties in with the main subject.

For now, let us tell you why going for that one-girl strategy is not the best. In fact, it is a pretty bad one.

Getting the Girl’ vs Getting Good with Girls 

When it comes to girls the idea of first: liking them, wanting them to like you back, and then doing “certain things” and expecting things to ‘work out’ is a bad strategy.

Well, arguably it is better than ‘No’ strategy. But the point remains that when it comes to girls, you as a guy need to have a game plan.

Let me spell this out, as there are a lot of guys, who even late in life, apparently with an ‘a lot of experience’ have trouble coming to terms with this:

When it comes to girls, you as a man NEED to know what you are doing. Put it differently whatever that you may be ‘feeling’ or think you are ‘feeling’ is not going to be enough. NOT by a long shot.

When it comes women, beautiful women: you know, the kind of girls that get your heart racing, your actions in relation to them, as opposed to what you may be experiencing sensationally matters a lot more.

This might seem like common sense. And it is. But the trouble is, a lot of men have trouble acting sensibly with girls.

Success with women is a skill game. Which work in relation to factors like status, fitness, social calibration, and communication.

The secret to getting ‘the girl’ is for you to become good with women. Period.

This is a straightforward point for those who know how things work with the ladies. But it is an important point that, especially the guys who are struggling in the dating arena need to grasp. Sooner rather than later.

To put it bluntly: when it comes to getting the girl of dreams or any girl for that matter, you need to know what you are doing when it comes to women in general. And with hot girls in particular.

The question is: Do you?

Getting a Girl to Like You: Key Steps 

Long before you get to the point where you are able to call a girl you are into your girlfriend, a few key things to need happen.

When one speaks of a girlfriend, one would presume we are talking about a relationship where the two of you are ‘serious’, or at least are serious enough in terms of commitment, trust, and maybe even beliefs that align closely enough.

Generally, this takes a monogamous form, but there are exceptions out there, which we will not be getting into here.

In engaging a more fundamental question like: ‘How to get a hot girlfriend?’ the problem at hand is presumably a more pressing one. So let us break down for the absolute novice on how to go about this seemingly straightforward task. (Hint: It isn’t).

  • Don’t Get Stuck on One Girl

    This point is more of a psychological hack but it is a crucial one nonetheless. At Bulldog Mindset we focus on first fixing what is inside first. And starting off your journey of getting good with girls, is not to get hung up on a single person. This is the key first (metal) step.

  • Get out of the House!

    This point might seem simple enough, but for many guys, it simply isn’t. You see for a lot of people, and a lot of men in particular the idea of going out and meeting women is a big ask. Besides the limitations of living in the post-pandemic world, and limited mobility resulting from working from home, a lot of men today simply don’t have the mindset to go out and meet girls. This is gotta change.

  • Have Options

    Easier said than done. The key point here is that you should meet as many women as you can. Once again this is a mindset question. Think of your dating life as an opportunity to meet different women and share positive experiences. Some girls might be down for it. Others may not. You just keep at it.

  • Keep at It

    OK. This is a rather general point but an important one nonetheless. When it comes to girls or a girl, it is important that you as a guy remain persistent. This is to say that you don’t always take ‘No’ for an answer. Girls are different. Sometimes they are down for it. Other times maybe not so much. Your job as the guy is to keep putting your best self forward.

  • Get off that Dating App!

    Look we understand. Dating apps are interesting because they work. Or at least give the impression that something is happening in your dating life. However, if are not one of the handfuls of guys with the top specs: in terms of looks, status, and (texting) game, you are likely to suffer. Big time. Besides, getting good with women requires real in-person interactions. Which relates to the next big item on the list.

  • Overcome Approach Anxiety

    Relationships, kinda like learning how to drive are a skill game: the combined mindset with learned experience. You gotta know what you are doing when it comes to girls, pretty much every step of the way. Especially when it comes to approaching women. Which we shall elaborate on.

Approach Anxiety: The Main Hurdle 

If don’t approach, your chances of getting that hot girl from anywhere at any time is practically Zero.

Write that down if you have to, but the point is, you as a guy must know how to make the move, and when and in what way.

We cannot reiterate this point enough. A lot of dating coaches and others who men pay money to improve their chances with women work on this specific point. For it is often the hardest. Especially for those starting out.

This might be a tough pill for some guys to swallow, but it is always up to you the guy to make things happen. Including the first approach and later escalation. For it is not going to happen the other way around.

Approaching a girl tells a lot about you as a person. About you as a man. It showcases confidence and the willingness to lead. And women find that attractive. Looks do matter for men. But the approach matters more.

Right with these fundamentals behind us, we get to the real problem area of dating for men; And that is the mindset part of this equation. What kind of mindset do you need to have to get that hot girl into your life?

However, before proceeding to this, we must deal with certain subjects that have come to dominate the current discourse on dating and relationships.

Much of this has been taken up by the Red Pill movement, and other groups that make up the manosphere online.

The Rules that Govern the Dating Space 

At this point, if you have been following the discussions online related to women, men, and dating, you would be aware of the struggles that men are facing in the dating and relationship market.

One that has been getting worse, over the past decade and a half or so.

The problem with men going their own way (MGTOW) is partly a symptom of a more serious problem of men not being to get any. No girls. No sex. Nada!

From the fewer and fewer number of men in their prime years having less or no sex. Despite comparably great sexual activity among women of the same age group. To men giving up on the idea of dating altogether.

These are points we have discussed in great detail elsewhere.

The main takeaway for the guy who is out looking for a girlfriend is that things are not as easy as they used to be.

Well, in fairness things were never easy, but now with the rise of dating apps, the prominence of social media, and the effects of feminism, things are not going to be a walk in the park for the average guy.

You need to know what you are doing before you get started in this arena.

Making things more interesting (or complicated) is the subject of hypergamy. Another talking point that has captured the attention of those who have studied this space: is not only when it comes to men and dating, but the social psychology of women.

This is a deeper subject matter, which we don’t want to get to deep into at this moment. But what you, the guy who is trying to, well not just get a hot girlfriend, but is trying to get better with women, period, need to understand is that women always date higher. Always.

So, if you want to attract and keep a hot girl in your life, your value proposition needs to be good. Specifically, it needs to be good in a way that it is pretty much better than 95 percent of the men out there.

The Top 5 percent of men in society who dominate business, politics, technology, entertainment sports, etc. Have little trouble when it comes to getting the ladies. The reasons for this are manifold.

What you need to know is that women prefer men of high status. Which captures a host of positive qualities. So in addition to games, you need to have status as well to attract women.

Do you?

In fairness, most men who struggle with women tend to be of low or lower status. Meaning they are not the richest, the most powerful, or speaking of high school, the most popular.

And getting it is not easy. But it is not impossible.

Whilst this is not the place to provide a roadmap on how you too can achieve success in business, and society and have greater social worth. It is important that you consider this when going into interactions with the ladies.

For like it or not, the girls will always be looking out for the guy with, not just money, looks and followers, but the one who has established himself in the world in some way.

The Dating Mindset 

Right. So on to the not exactly the main point, but arguably the most significant. You see when it comes to doing anything well in life, getting what goes on in your head right is vital.

If it ain’t right up there (and here we are talking about a person’s mental health) things are not going to come right in the real world.

Returning to the earlier point about dating coaches, and other “experts” who have entered the space, in trying to help men get better with girls, a point that is often missed in these forums is the mindset question.

You see no matter how much time, money and effort you direct towards the idea of improving your chances with women, if you don’t or fail to overcome mental roadblocks that hold you back in other areas of life and in relation to women, you will not succeed.

But what is the Mindset question?

Simply put, it is a philosophy of life that views life as a process: One where you never stop learning never stops growing, and never give up.

Having the right mindset is about acquiring new information, being open to new ideas, taking constant action, being resilient to the opposition, and embracing change.

Easier said than done.

And that’s we come in. With Bulldog Mindset our aim is to help build the round man.

We help guys improve not only their chances with women but to increase their self-confidence, and show them the way (and the process) to financial freedom.

To become fit, strong, masculine men with money to go, so that you will have little doubts when hitting up that hot girl. And to do it in a respectful and responsible way.

Our philosophy for helping men with their dating life is to provide an all-around solution. One that works for you personally.