What does it mean to be a man today?

Being a man today is the same as it's always been. Men are made–men are not born.

To be a man is to live with purpose.

To be a man is to trust in your own judgement and experience over everything and everyone.

It is to accept full responsibility for your life and to choose to reject the victim mindset.

To be a man is to feel deeply but not allow those feelings to control your action.

To be a man is to choose your own way.

To be a man is to live by your own principles instead of those dictated to you.

To be a man is to take risk; to have courage; to fight when necessary; make peace when possible.

To be a man is to reject weakness, but embrace vulnerability.

To be a man is to step up, lead, protect, to take action and make decisions.

To be a man is to accept the consequences of your actions, good or bad.

To be a man is to bring your gift to the world in love, even if the world rejects your gift–even if you are crucified for it.

To be a man is to be respected by other men. To have status among your peers, among your tribe.

A man is not swept away by emotion, a man has emotional mastery. He feels the emotion, but does not let it get ahold of him.

A man looks with disdain at handouts and pity. A man only accepts what he has rightfully earned.

To be a man is to never be finished, never put the guard down, never drop the gloves, fighting the battle anew each day.

Above all else a man seeks freedom. A man makes freedom in his life by conquering himself and exercising his own will.