During the second week of January 2023 the BBC, the highest authority in British journalism, as our friends across the Atlantic might know, published an article titled: ‘Andrew Tate: How schools are tackling his influence’ (1).

Depending on the reader’s perspective, such a piece would have read either as a much-needed clarion call to combat what are believed to be the ill effects of the former kick-boxing champ turned online influencer; or as a targeted hit piece on a highly sought-after voice, and arguably a source of leadership for many men across the world.

However, no matter what position one is likely to take on the matter, what cannot be denied is the sudden rise in the immense popularity of the online influencer; one that has by certain measures reached global levels.

So what is it about Andrew Tate that makes him so problematic and appealing?

And what is about the British-Romanian kickboxer that has made him a household name in circles and forums frequented by men, despite his (or possibly due to) his controversial nature?

These are some of the questions that we will tackle in the course of this post, and at the same time engage some of the deeper societal matters that relate to the question of leadership as pertains to the development of young men.

Now we have to warn the reader that in this post, whilst attempting to look at this subject in a balanced all-round way, we will approach the subject of Mr. Tate, and more importantly his influence on men and the broader subject of masculinity in the modern world in an unapologetically male-centered, pro-masculine way.

We know that this point alone will turn off a considerable segment of readers online. Presumably many of Mr. Tate’s critics. Who generally have a problem with anything man related.

Particularly those, one may hypothesize, who patronize mediums like BBC: The types of groups believe in things like “Toxic masculinity” or masculinity in general. This a point which we shall engage in the course of this post.

As those who have been following our work will know-our approach to any matter is to tackle things head-on, whilst being fair as possible, and recognize that our primary aim is to help men do well in life. Politics necessarily come second to this goal.

Who is Andrew Tate? 

In case you happened to have spent the last six months to a year living under a rock with Patrick Star, it is unlikely that you have missed the said Andrew Tate. A person (or personality) who has been a dominant presence in social media channels, news reports, and elsewhere.

In the time leading up to his famous ban on top social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok in late August 2022; the straight-talking influencer with a perchance for fast cars, cigars, and private jets, was among the most searched people on the internet.

His popularity, even after his ban, and now more recently following his controversial arrest in Romania in late December 2022-the news of which was reported in the headlines of countries located as far away as the Subcontinent-has endured.

Whilst it is impossible to say how long this will last, the impact of his message (which we shall get to) and arguably of equal significance: the appeal of his public persona; one that has had, particularly on young men and even women as it happens, is something for us to consider.

In answering the question ‘Who is Andrew Tate’ our aim is not to provide some long-winded autobiographical breakdown of this influential but undoubtedly controversial influencer. Instead, our aim is to analyze his influence, notably the rapidity of its rise, and what it tells us about the untapped societal demand for his message, and arguably for a person of his character.

The Leadership Gap 

If you have followed closely the discussions surrounding Mr. Tate, the focus naturally tends to revolve around his message.

And what is unmissable about them is the controversial character of his thoughts and ideas. One that verges on being corrosive if not outright confrontational.

Unless the reader happens to be a follower of Mr. Tate and has kept pace with his commentary in a more systematic way: meaning that he/she understands to a reasonable degree its overall intent (which we shall not judge).

The message or better the persona that has come to be associated with kick-boxer turned influencer by the popular press and other news outlets is an overtly negative one.

Criticism and complaints that Mr. Tate is “a misogynist” “sexist”, a guy who “promotes violence against women”, and other “dangerous stereotypes” regarding the sexes abound. And arguably with some justification.

Now we will not mention the particular comments here, but even an ardent fan of Mr. Tate must admit that some of the guy’s views are on the edge.

As things work in the real world, particularly in the hypersensitive standards that characterize our digital lives: where comments, opinions, and even simple posts that are only a few words long will become the subject of great scrutiny, criticism, or worse.

And depending on how many people like, share and subscribe to that particular view, the person sharing those points should expect an equally big if not bigger pushback depending on how controversial or polarizing those opinions are.

This point is especially true when it comes to hot topics like gender, masculinity, and sex.

It has to be said that Mr. Tate played his hand pretty well early on in exploiting what appears to be a messaging gap in this space: That is to have someone. A man, specifically someone who is not afraid of his masculinity and of masculinity as a concept; then proceeds to speak freely and openly on the matter.

And to do so in a way that does not kowtow to the established standards or political norms when it comes to how men and women should learn, grow and relate to each other.

Of course, Mr. Tate said a few other things as well, and no doubt by presenting a larger-than-life image of himself, helped to amplify his media presence. But the core message it seems was focused on engaging men directing. And young men specifically.

By speaking directly to them on issues that are either ignored or downplayed by (Western) society, Mr. Tate had something going for him. Something that was clearly in demand. Hence its resonance with a lot of young people.

This is probably why authorities in places like the UK are working to counter its effects because they seem to have come from left of field, given the rather predictable, one-sided, and arguably anti-masculine direction things have been going so far.

At this point, it must be mentioned that we at Bulldog Mindset embrace the reality of the sexes and the differences between them. And the need for leadership, especially for boys and young men in order to develop into healthy masculine men. This is a point of convergence that must be mentioned.

Now one may dispute the methods of getting this message across. With respect to Mr. Tate, his method of building up followers, and then using them to spread his message with rampant but targeted shares.

Along with his other antics at producing viral or viral-ready messages that essentially spread themselves, owing to their controversial character is questionable. But they were effective. Almost too effective.

But what is not in dispute, and it is this point which critics of Mr. Tate have failed to or have purposefully avoided, is that Andrew Tate has become something of a leader in the online community of men.

One that he has recognized, and knowingly or otherwise, exploited.

The Problem With the ‘Tate Method’ of Leading Men 

Let’s start by making it clear to those who have worked with and benefited from the various programs that Mr. Tate and his affiliates have put forward, more power to you!

What the controversial influencer, or masculine leader of modern men, depending on how you want to see it, has been able to achieve in terms of scope, recognition, and apparent success of his business, is commendable.

And it is not our job to downplay or recommend his products and services; those who opt for any of his programs for business and self-improvement must do so knowingly.

Our focus at is more on the message and its substance in relation to what the man is offering in terms of what modern men are looking for: That is the kind of guidance in navigating their way in the modern world.

Especially when it comes to the subjects of money, women, and the philosophy of life upon which to order yourself.

So what IS the problem?

Note: That we have already made it clear that, at least principally, we agree with what the online influencer and de facto leader in the male online space are trying to do.

He is, rightly or wrongly, trying to help men better themselves. He is, effectively or otherwise, providing certain tools and systems to work with, from which they could potentially develop themselves into better men.

And critically, he is drawing attention to the subject of gender and sex. Notably on how there are differences between men and women, and why men have to learn to be or become better versions of themselves.

And a central component to this debate is that of masculinity. Which is a broad subject area. One that we have covered in great detail, which we would encourage you to check out here.

So the problem with the Tate method so to speak of providing men, many of whom by the way are truly in desperate need of the right kind of masculine leadership-I mean there is a reason why he was the 8th most searched person on Google for 2022 (2)-is that his model lacks coherence.

What the controversial influencer is offering men, particularly impressionable young men, who are in the formative years of their lives, is not a complete solution.

When we say COMPLETE, we are talking about a program that is able to engage all of the key aspects of life: from masculinity, personal development, wealth generation, sex and relationships, life philosophy, and underpinning them all: Mindset.

The problem with Andrew Tate’s program for helping modern men is that it is a scattershot approach at best, and an undirected one at its worst. In addition to all the problems that come with stoking controversy by saying things that are edgy to borderline offensive.

This is besides some of his more extreme or conspiratorial views on ‘The Matrix’ and how the system is ‘trying to control you’.

Simply put, Mr. Tate’s model for helping men is all over the place. Showing guys a way to make money and telling them that they have to toughen up and be willing to free themselves from the Matrix may sound good but is not enough.

The Right Path to Masculinity and Financial Freedom: The Mindset Method 

Before we start, in case the reader is wondering, who the hell are we to comment on and analyze the contributions of someone with global recognition, albeit a controversial one? And then to claim to offer something different and better?

Good question.

So let us tell the reader a bit about ourselves. Bulldog Mindset was founded by John Sonmez. A person with well over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Who has a successful software programmer recognized some of the shortcomings men face when it comes to developing as a fully rounded person personally and professionally?

Given his history, his past work focused on helping people in the programming field. Notable those who were starting out in tech, and wish to build a solid IT career.

He has worked to help many people in the space increase their income level, develop their confidence, and for guidance for those who wanted to go their own way and build something for themselves in the arena.

A key consideration that underpinned his efforts in this field was the more personal and social challenges that men were facing in their lives.

John quickly recognized that success in life: whether it is business, relationships, physical fitness, and mental health was closely connected. That in order to succeed at one thing, you pretty much HAD to succeed at all.

So emerged Bulldog Mindset. It is the philosophy that helps men develop:

  • The mindset of winners.

  • The mindset of those who are always learning.

  • The mindset of men who attain financial freedom, and succeed with women and relationships.

  • The mindset of those who never give up in their journey towards becoming better, stronger versions of themselves.

Bulldog Mindset is about providing men who wish to learn, grow and develop as fully-rounded human beings the tools, the info, and the framework that they need to succeed.

There is no fluff here. This is a principle-based approach to personal growth and development.

Alright. At this point, you might be having a set of questions on the matter: How does it work? Does it work? How much does it cost? How much time will it take?

Well, we cannot answer all of these questions in one go. But will engage a few in the following section. But if you cannot wait, and want an answer NOW. Just follow this link for a Free Consultation Call. Where we will answer all of your questions and more!

Learn by Application 

When it comes to self-help and personal development there is no limit to the number of programs, guide books, and online resources, to say nothing of the plethora of paid programs that exist to help people.

Helping someone do something good with their lives could take many forms. And it could mean many things depending on the timing and context.

But what does it ACTUALLY mean to aid people who are genuinely looking for a way out of their lives? For men who are looking for answers to the pressing questions of meaning, identity, and finding their place in the world.

The truth is there is no simple answer to these questions. And there are no one-size fits all solutions.

But there is a concrete path that one can take to achieve success in the designated areas of finance, relationships, fitness, and mindset. And by fixing these you are better able to answer these questions.

Whilst the world we live in is a messy place, and things, especially for men, and especially today are not stacked in their (our) favor. But the way out of this is not by getting angry. Not by getting confrontational. And not by grasping at some solution that could magically fix things.


The way forward is tough. It always will be. Our job is to make sure that your time and energy, should you wish to invest it, is worthwhile. And that you reach your goals. And if don’t have any, that we start by fixing it first.

The Bulldog Mindset is about learning through application. It is about growth through experience. Take it from John: the self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, and leader. And he is going to help you all to do the same.