Here is a list of the resources I recommend for getting started with creating an online business.

I've hand-picked the best resources that I use and recommend to get your starting and making passive income online.

Use my links below to get a special discount for many of these services.

The first step in creating an online business is creating a website. I recommend creating a WordPress website, because it is the easiest and most universally available platform available today. There are thousands of plugins available, which make it easy to create a website to do everything you need from lead capture, to sales pages, and much more—without having to do any coding.

For creating your WordPress website, I recommend starting with Bluehost. With Bluehost you can get a brand new WordPress site set up in less than 5 minutes and the cost is extremely low.

Every successful online business focuses on building an email list. An email list is the main way in which you'll build an audience and sell to that audience.

Thrive makes some of the BEST WordPress themes and tools for capturing leads and doing A/B testing to see which lead captures work the best.

They also have an excellent page designer called Thrive Architect, which allows you to create optin pages and sales pages for your products.

I use Thrive on ALL of my business sites. Highly, highly recommend this plugin more than any other WordPress plugin.