You would be hard-pressed to search for content related to the status of men in the modern world, especially on platforms like YouTube, and not come across examples, stories, and other types of references to the subject of what men should or ought to be doing with their lives.

In many ways, much of the work of famous Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has revolved around the topic of helping people, but primarily men, find their way in life.

A question, or problem that invariably circles back to the question: What is the purpose of your life?

You see one of the underlying factors that affect the quality of life of a person: from their mental well-being, their physical health, their careers, and yes even their success with women, is how close or away they are from their life mission.

Ask anyone who is at the top of their game-whether it is a top athlete, a highly paid actor (the most obvious examples), or even a public speaker who commands a million + followers-what keeps them going. And they would respond that what they do is the one thing they not only love doing but also the thing they could not live without doing.

Deep stuff. And is a matter we will unpack in the course of this post.

Before we get there, a question that is likely to be on the minds of most readers is: How do I find my purpose? Or better: What is the purpose of my life?

Big questions, which do not justify simple answers. Whilst one may wish there were a way to answer them concisely, the truth is there isn’t. Hence this post.

What is the Meaning of ‘Purpose’?

Right. So this is a very interesting question. The answer to this goes beyond the scope of personal development, business, and mindset. Hope you are ready.

For a start let’s take a look at an atheistic and by extension, a nihilistic view of the question of purpose.

Speaking of many persons in the West, notably those who concentrate in coastal cities, and regions surrounding it (which is where the bulk of people in the West tend to concentrate) the appeal of a secular or agnostic view is a powerful one.

The steady decline in institutional religion, the preoccupation with material concerns, and the general decline in interest in a religious way of life, which has collectively made most people more open to a secular way of life.

Which is understandable, and in many ways acceptable. I mean how else are we supposed to live our lives by looking at them objectively? At least by trying to.

However one of the challenges of being human is that looking at the world and life as a whole, objectively, all the time, is not always easy. Heck, it is not even natural most of the time, given our emotional nature.

But we are called to do so in order to function effectively.

Here religion, and by extension philosophy which deals with bigger questions about life, notably on the purpose of life, are often viewed as ancillary to the specifics of living a wholesome life here on Earth.

Especially as it concerns the day-to-day concerns and the longer goals they lead up to.

Added to that we have seen the rise in, what can be considered anti-religious or anti-philosophical science.

This in more recent times can be traced to the works of the new atheists, and the works of cosmologists, the likes of Stephen Hawkins, who the atheist thinkers have come to rely on.

In one of the more remarkable (or controversial) statements, the world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in his 2010 book: The Grand Design made the claim that “philosophy is dead”.

Where he states the advances in physics and the deeper understanding of our universe it produces, and how that, removes or at least reduces the scope for other disciplines.

Not only when it comes to answering questions about the nature of our cosmos, but by extension, and this point sort of follows naturally, about the nature and purpose of our life.

There is a reason that the famous atheist Richard Dawkins, another Oxford-educated thinker, subscribes to this anti-philosophical view. One that necessarily undermines the question of human purpose, whether he realizes it or not.

The often-cited quote by Richard Dawkins, where he states that: ‘Nature is not cruel, only pitilessly indifferent. This is one of the hardest lessons for humans to learn. We cannot admit that things might be neither good nor evil, neither cruel nor kind, but simply callous-indifferent to all suffering, lacking all purpose'.

Interesting. But what is ironic is that in practice it becomes virtually impossible to order your life if one chooses to adopt this view (or philosophy) of life. A point that Dawkins himself, curiously enough, acknowledges.

In another interesting quote that is almost a walk-back, the famous atheist points out: ‘Presumably there is indeed no purpose in the ultimate fate of the cosmos, but do any of us really tie our life's hopes to the ultimate fate of the cosmos anyway? Of course, we don't; not if we are sane. Our lives are ruled by all sorts of closer, warmer, human ambitions and perceptions'.

What is interesting about these scientists who advance the view that life is meaningless, is that they, in a way, circle back to the position that life indeed has some kind of meaning, and hence it is incumbent upon us to lead a life with purpose.

But what does it mean specifically: that is to live a purposeful life? To answer this, let’s look at a keyword that is central to the idea of purpose: Ambition.

Fulfilling your Ambition

Everyone grows up wanting to be something.

The question that we are asked as kids, and the response we tend to give: To be Doctor, Astronaut, Pilot, or Soccer player, is arguably one of the most important questions we come to answer in the course of our lives.

Sadly though, not too many of us come to live out this goal. Or for some, don’t have a goal of what their life purpose is.

If one is take stock of one’s life, to press the pause button and ask: Is the life you are leading today, the one that you always wanted to have?

  • If the answer is ‘yes’. Then more power to you.

  • If the answer ‘not sure’. Then we may have to work through a few things.

  • If the answer ‘No’. Then we do have a problem. One that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Considering what your choose to do: that is your work or career comes to be one of the, if not the most defining feature of your life, it is imperative that this question is answered carefully. As your efforts in this regard ultimately come to reflect what you really want out of your life.

But ambition is a tricky word. At one level it pertains to the kind of career you would like to have. Such as becoming a doctor, lawyer, or programmer. But also it could something more.

And for many answering this question at the basic level, is often enough. That is to have a successful career in their chosen field: defined by good hours, solid pay, and a nice holiday package to boot. Or for some, it may mean having your dream business, with good returns.

All good. But what if your ambition is a broader one? One that goes beyond having a fulfilling career with financial stability and adequate free time.

What if your ambition in life is to make a difference? To contribute your time and energy to a cause that goes beyond having a job that pays the bills and lends time for leisure?

For some this question may already be a feature in your career: those who commit their time and energy and even risk their personal safety to help those in need, in war-torn parts of the world, or work in a field where they are helping people to rebuild their lives, learn a skill, or become the best versions of themselves.

If you happen to be doing this and are satisfied doing it, then son, you have sort of hit the jackpot of life. For not too many people have both: a meaningful job, and one that rewards you financially for it.

So what happens if you don’t happen to be among the lucky few? What happens if you happen to be a person who is either doing a mediocre job that brings little in terms of pay and emotional satisfaction?

Or to be in a job with decent pay but offers little in terms of giving you what you truly want out of life: in terms of your values and your aspirations.

What DO you do then?

To cut a long answer short: In life, if you wish to do anything of significance, and yes that even that which includes those of an altruistic character, where the element of profit is not the primary consideration, you will still need the dough to make it happen.

It is one of the fundamental, but albeit unpleasant (or very pleasant) truths of life. That money, or more specifically, a steady source of cash flow, is the fuel that gives men the power and hence the freedom to go out and do the things they want out of life.

The question do you have this part of your life covered?

Now this question would clearly apply to those who are struggling to find their feet in life: in terms of a stable career, a job with a decent income. But it would also apply to those who despite having a decent career, may feel that there is something missing in their lives.

The many, many people who despite seeming to have what they want out of life, are actually just going through the motions. Not being able to get what they really desire.

Such as:

  • Having your own business.

  • To earn passive income (i.e. make money in your sleep).

  • Having your dream girlfriend or wife.

  • Having success with women (Different from the previous point).

  • To have the confidence and social intelligence to speak in public.

  • To build a social network with followers or your own platform.

Each of these major areas of life corresponds, ultimately to your purpose. Fulfilling your purpose in life entails attaining some degree of control or mastery in these aspects of life.

Do not be the man who does well in one area: like money or work, but neglects his relationships.

Do not be the guy who had everything handed down to him on a platter so to speak, but does not have the knowledge and experience on how to save that wealth and invest in productive ventures.

To ensure that the wealth, and resources that he has, actually remain with him in the long run.

Do not be that guy, the IT expert with millions of dollars in net worth but is yet to land that hot girlfriend, or is overcome with social anxiety that stops him from going on a weekend.

Believe it or not, these problems don’t just fix themselves without dedicated attention and guidance.

Fulfilling your ambition: whether it be starting your own business, establishing your personal charity, or building a network for those with similar values to connect, requires some level of guidance and expertise.

You are better off learning the skills that are needed from a credible source and then learning to apply them with the aid of a supporting network to back you up.

Do you have one?

Success is A Game of Probabilities

Life is all about probabilities.

Finding and fulling your purpose in life is a long-term game. And the journey towards it is a complex, tough and at times even a perilous one.

And that’s the reason why many people don’t make it. Finding your purpose in life is strongly correlated with your mission. And few ever come to realize it.

So what is your mission? Ask yourself. It is a tough question to answer if don’t already have one. And you are the only person who can identify it and work towards answering.

But getting it is not easy. Nor is it straightforward.

Some are lucky enough to figure it out early on what their purpose in life is. Others take much longer. But the process of finding your purpose need not be a passive one. It need not mean going through life like a walking zombie waiting for something to happen.

The unemployed and in some ways more seriously, the underemployed can tell you all about that.

What you need to do to find your purpose and hence your mission in life, is to take a chance. Start doing something different.

Start working out. Star reading more books. Or reading as a start! Start going out more. Especially places where you can meet remembers of the opposite sex.

And yes, that means even if you have a girlfriend!

Look at it this way, in life if you don’t take chances you are never going to experience the payoffs. And if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, and take risks, where the outcome is not certain at least in the short term, but with great long-term reward, then it is absolutely in your best interest to go for it!

For that is the only way you will discover and come to fulfill your mission. 

So go for it.

But how you may ask? Well, we have the answer.

A Network of Men Working to Full Their Purpose

By now we are now relatively certain of two key points:

  • One: Financial Stability is the Key to Almost Everything.

  • Two: Success in life is about taking Chances.

To which we will now add a third point. Or one could even call it a rule:

  • Three: Victory is achieved as a team.

The third point might seem like a banality if you are into team sports. The recently concluded World Cup Final (2022) is arguably the best example of a group of talented, well-trained men working together to achieve a goal.

But do you know that every single person out there who has achieved anything of significance, and yes, even those who did so apparently on their own, got help along the way?

A lot of it.

Take any athlete who competes at an individual level, with high skill requirements: he/she will have an array of experts advising him. Guiding him along the way: From nutritionists, physios, sports psychologists, etc.

Really there is no limit to the number of personnel who can potentially help a person perform better. And when it comes to fulfilling your purpose in life, you are faced with a similar question.

It is not just about being motivated to do great things. Or have the desire to ‘make a difference’. These are desires most men, at least at some point in their lives feel.

The question is: what sets those who succeed apart from the rest?

And by the ‘rest’ we are also talking about people who do relatively well in life but never attain their fullest potential. Along with others who do well in certain areas of life, like finance or relationships; business or public speaking but never a combination of all.

And hence they remain sub-performers. They may make progress in some but not in all.

This is where we come in. With Bulldog Mindset you stand to become part of a community of men, who are working to improve themselves in all areas of life.

From diet, fitness, dating, public speaking, knowledge, and building a business.

If there is a need or shortfall in your life that you need to address, the answer may lie in becoming part of a solid group of men, who are working to learn, grow and improve. Together.

To embrace the process of growth through action. To motivate and be motivated by men, who are working, in different ways towards one thing: fulfilling their purpose in life.