If you, like me have a habit of clicking on self-help videos, content related to personal growth, and the path to success, you are bound to be held up by a few ads that precede them that promise you the way.

These ads sell you the idea or reality of success and often come with a timestamp urging the viewer to click on, sign up, or buy before the promotion, or deal expires.

In addition to the element of urgency that is built into such marketing materials, there is also the promise of freedom. Financial freedom notably: That of being able to find release from your 9 – 5. From a mundane job that pays poorly or at least not sufficiently.

And along with it comes the inevitable showcase of what the ‘good life’ looks like. Of how having the kind of financial freedom they are offering, gives you the license and ability to live the dream.

This part of the pitch either comes at the start or occurs sometime later towards the end: Usually filled with flashy images or videos of what money can buy.

Guess what? We think that is fine.

If what these guys are selling in terms of wealth-building schemes and other business programs can actually help the person achieve the kind of financial and by extension social freedom. And is able to deliver on its promise in the long run.

The question however is: How likely is it?

How likely are these programs in terms of their ability to deliver on their promises? And importantly what is the payoff in terms of initial investment they expect from you in terms of time and money?

These are some of the questions you need to answer honestly before proceeding with any such wealth-creating programs or business ideas.

So what are the alternatives? What other routes can you take in your path toward financial independence, and later prosperity?

To cut a long answer short: the only real way to success in any area of life, particularly in the business department, is to put in the work. The are no shortcuts.

The question is are your efforts being directed in the right way toward the right outcomes, by adopting the right system? Because that is what you are doing when it comes to the various wealth-creating/financial independence programs that you decide to pursue.

The Path to Success is Not a Quick One

Let’s start by getting the obvious out of the way.

There is this tendency among those who looking for a way out, particularly those who are under some kind of financial strain, or persons who have been stuck in life with low or poor incomes and just want to break out of things.

To think and then act on the feeling: ‘Man… there is gotta be a way out of this’.

That there is gotta be an easier way to make money and to do so in a quick time. In contrast to what I have been doing until now.

And you cannot be blamed for thinking so.

The desire to break free from your current malaise can become so overpowering that the next catchy advert, or marketing pitch that comes your way, either in the form of a YouTube advert or some catchy sales manual that hits your inbox, you will be tempted to say yes!

Now, this is not the place to break down the various get-rich programs that are out there, analyze their pros and cons and tell you which one is best (or worst).

However, when it comes to those which promise a rather quick return in terms of time invested, often require some kind of financial commitment upfront. The many many trading platforms and crypto exchanges are notable in this regard.

And their promise of almost immediate returns, requiring upfront investments (which could be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars).

The downsides of this approach are many:

Leaving the aside the dangers of market volatility, and the collapse of entire exchange platforms due to corruption (as recent events relating to FTX prove) there is general uncertainty concerning the value of cryptocurrencies themselves.

Whilst the promise of quick payoffs might seem too tempting, the dangers that come with them, many of which are not even fully understood by the experts who work with them, ought to give those interested some pause.

Added to this the general uncertainty concerning the valuation of cryptocurrencies, particularly their long-term potential must also be considered.

Now, this is not to say that cryptocurrency investments are a bad idea and that those who are looking to build their wealth should stay away from them.

Actually, those with relevant experience and deeper knowledge of the system, such as the operations of blockchains, might actually stand to gain from these platforms.

Our message is that when it comes to those who are seeking that added source of income, a new way to build wealth, one that can last for the future, and one that can help them develop the capabilities to generate new income, ought to think twice.

Make no mistake, for those who have the dough to spend, and want that added source of income, the crypto approach could certainly work. But if you are struggling financially, have a limited amount of funds at your disposal, and wish to build something for the long run, then there are better paths.

Paths that involve more work, but greater long-term reward.

The point is when it comes to achieving success in life-that is if you measure success in relation to net worth-then building that wealth that can last long into the future, and critically comes with a degree of security and predictability and if you don’t have thousands of dollars to just throw around; then you ought to consider something different.

The Path to Financial Freedom Need Not Be a Complex One 

Now there is a trend. A rather old one by the standards of the internet, that involves the trade in knowledge.

What do we mean by the trade in knowledge?

Well, for starters all programs that are involved in personal development, self-help, and critically building financial independence, trade in some kind of specialized information.

Information that either corresponds to the specific steps involved in putting together a website, marketing yourself, building an emailing list or even a small business. Whatever it is, there is some kind of information that is being traded. Often in return for your time and money.

The traded information can take many forms: From online educational programs, web courses, or PDF books that work alongside practical recommendations on how to do X, Y, and Z regarding your current or future business.

Problematically certain programs, come to concern themselves with all of the above, but emphasize the learning part, with little in terms of a concrete strategy. The lack of a game plan so to speak; one that can help you map out the road you need to take, the processes that you need to adopt, and the mindset that you need to have in order to achieve your goals.

Now we don’t like to name names, but there are a certain number of online marketers who sell concepts, ideas, and even strategies one could say, on how to attain financial freedom. On the importance of having the right understanding, the kind of concepts and tools that you need to be aware of in order to succeed.

However when it comes to delivering on what needs to be done.

  • On what steps you need to take at what time.

  • On the kind of decisions, you need to make in specific areas of your life.

  • On the type of business, you can start.

  • Or the type of investment choices you ought to be making at a given point.

When it comes to such practical questions on doing something that can actually produce concrete results, these gurus/marketers are often silent.

Making things problematic, many of these guys are not even real business persons. In the sense of having actually built a business that can produce a stable source of income. Well, besides the business they have built selling the concept of success.

These are important considerations that anyone who is taking the personal income and business development path needs to consider.

But it is especially important for those who are closer to the desperation side of the equation. Where the financial question is more pertinent for immediate and future considerations.

Where time in relation to money spent, and the kind of support that you stand to gain along the way in building yourself on the path to financial freedom is overlooked.

Before getting to the actual solution, in addressing these questions, there is another important but problematic consideration that you as a person who is seeking real help for your financial future need to consider. 

The Upselling Track 

The business of upselling simply comes down to holding back the best idea, product, or solution to a problem, until the customer is committed to an initial, early variant.

One that is often subpar, or is intended as an introductory program, that will get you to invest more strongly in the future.

When it comes to a number of these wealth-building schemes online, particularly those which deal with helping you market yourself or your product better, there is the danger of paywalls (invisible ones at first) that keep you, the paying customer, who wants that knowledge from moving to have it.

Now in fairness, the business of upselling is a tried and tested practice in many industries. Most notable in the world of business software.

However, the difference here is that the products or solutions in question are built on workable systems that first deliver some benefit for the user. And often the marketing departments for the companies that promote them rely on user feedback, and generally, push the upsell on the back of some level of customer satisfaction.

In the world of personal wealth creation, on helping people who are generally strapped for cash, and can only invest that much; who seek solutions that are substantive: in terms of being able to derive actual value for the money they spend, the upsell package is something to be wary of.

It is incumbent upon those who are in the space, those who are serious about delivering solutions for those who are seeking them; who function as stakeholders in the industry who are able to walk the talk in terms of their own experience in building a successful business in the areas that they proceed to teach or sell solutions to new customers. And to do it directly.

The Solution Starts Inside 

When it comes to the idea of investing your money in ways that can improve your life, there are a handful of things you can do.

As mentioned the various options in terms of putting your money into ventures or projects that can generate results that vary from being high risk and quick reward, to low risk and slow reward, to everything in between.

In addition, those who in the journey toward finding financial freedom need to be aware of the pitfalls that come with any wealth-generating scheme. As the world is filled with charlatans, crooks, and dubious salesmen who are simply out for a quick buck.

Our approach to wealth creation, financial freedom, and long-term success are to start by focusing on what is inside.

Look, at the end of the day, it does not matter how good a scheme you are part of, how effective your sales tactics or well you learn to market your product, or how good a business you are able to build.

When it comes to achieving success in life the key lies in the long-term viability of your undertaking. One that builds on your ability to manage yourself as a person, an entrepreneur, and later, as a leader in your life.

In the business world, you have may heard of the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) a feature in many Japanese organizations. It is a business philosophy that is dedicated to seeking excellence in all aspects of the organization: from finance, inventories, supply chain, HR, etc.

When it comes to the task of attaining financial freedom and in time working your way toward the path of success we at Bulldog Mindset believe in a similar philosophy.

Starting with what goes on in your mind.

We understand if the reader at this point thinks: ‘Wait a minute… I am in search of financial stability. I want to learn the way to make more money. I don’t have time for mindset and other woo-woo stuff!’

Fair enough. But going back to the point we made at an earlier part of this post: in life, nothing comes easy. The path toward financial freedom, a better dating life, and having the skills to build a business doesn’t come overnight.

It requires the investment of time, energy and the commitment to learn and grow, often in the face of opposition and adversity.

So when it comes to these programs from the more complex one that helps you build a business (one of our specialties), or to something as simple as conducting a drop shop venture. You will need the mindset to make things work.

And even if you do, remember, we are not just talking about finding another revenue stream. No. Our focus is on is about you helping achieve success. Which we define as having:

  • Financial Independence

  • Physical Fitness

  • Success in Dating & Relationships

  • A network that Help and Motivates you

Success in life is a combination of these factors. In many ways, you cannot have one without the other. Or at least you will not be able to enjoy the fruits one of or more of these to the fullest, without having all ends covered.

This is why when it comes to any solution that deals with finance, wealth creation, and passive income. We start with the person. We start with the mindset.

But that is not enough.

The strategy or process for building wealth that we put forward should be one that is tailor-made for you.

So rather than us just telling you what you need to be doing when it comes to realizing your financial goals, let us hear your story.

Tell us what you are going through, and what we can do to help you. By providing a business, Mindset, and lifestyle solution that works for you. So jump on a free call where we answer all of your key questions regarding building financial freedom.

Why Choose Us 

In the meantime, as you are pondering your options, you were wondering who we are (well a quick look around our site might help). Here’s an overview:

Bulldog Mindset is about helping people reach their fullest potential in life.

I know that sounds big, considering that most people who come to us are in search of, generally a quick solution to their financial concerns, or are looking for some guidance in overcoming issues such as social anxiety, getting to a healthy gym-ready physique, or to building a business.

But by fixing these various aspects of your life is only the start, as they help you work towards your higher goals. One that only you can define.

Bulldog Mindset was founded by a person who has been there and done that.

A guy who worked a 9 – 5 for years. And did it pretty well. Made a lot of money. But wanted more.

A person who built multiple businesses, succeed in real estate investing, is skilled as a programmer, and works to share his expertise with others.

With the aid of his team who are willing to commit themselves to grow and succeeding.

In other words, we at Bulldog Mindset know what we are talking about. The question is are you ready to take up the challenge?

Success in life does not come easy. But those who are willing to learn and work will be rewarded.