Let's start with a question: What is the one main factor that separates success from failure? What is that one thing that sets apart the world changers to utter failures? The answer is the ones who rise up do not give up.

They never do!

Sounds Simple right..? Wrong.

If you look around the world, heck if you look around your life, there is no shortage of mediocrity. People who are content to simply go through life, and take whatever that life throws at them. Come what may.

People, men specifically, who adopt a way of life that is defined by a sense of ‘whatever will be will be’.

The kind of men who just wait around for things to happen. Men who accept the status quo and do not seek to change themselves or the world around them in a way that suits their design.

Are you one of them?

If you don’t think so (a lot of people don’t) does your current state in life reflect the kind of reality or future that you wanted for yourself?

Be truthful.

Do you as a man have the kind of life you have always wanted? Is your life moving in the kind of direction that you want it to: in terms of trajectory, and discernable gains in key areas that you are seeking improvement?

There is a lot to unpack here. But in sum, the key point is that success in life is fundamentally a mindset question.

Since attaining success, as we have argued in our works, is a process. And that getting there is not an easy process. But that there is a way to get there with sheer determination. Provided you are willing to work for it.

Enter the Bulldog Mindset.

What is the Bulldog Mindset? 

Some of you may be rightly wondering what the heck is the Bulldog Mindset. And why does it matter when it comes to attaining success?

If one is to characterize the Bulldog Mindset in a word, it would be ‘transformation’.

The more complex answer, which by the way is not the perfect answer for that please check out the video at the end of this post from the founder himself-is about adopting the right state of mind; one that will drive you towards your goals.

The Bulldog Mindset is a new way of looking at the world: the challenges, the opportunities, and at yourself. A way that is goal-oriented, task-driven, purposeful, and above all tenacious. To have the Bulldog Mindset = Never Giving Up.

It is about trusting the process, not the outcomes. It is about working hard, learning more, and applying yourself consistently, no matter how feel, or how comfortable your life is. The Bulldog Mindset is growing and succeeding in all areas of life, whilst embracing the pain that comes with it.

Note, it is not some kind of sadomasochist pain, but a pain that thrives on initiative and growth. And is able to reap the rewards in the end.

The Bulldog Mindset breaks down into the key pillars: Of health, wealth, and relationship. And what underpins them is a mind that is set on the right principle. The most notable of which is stoicism.

The philosophy of Bulldog Mindset can be captured by one of the most powerful Stoic quotes from, none other than the great Marcus Aurelius himself: ‘You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength’.

All other factors that determine success in life build from this foundation.

You may have heard a popular financial guru stating the point: get your money right. Whilst that is true, arguably what is more important (especially if you are not swimming in cash, and even then, as we shall) is to get your mindset right.

Right. That might a bit to digest. And you are likely to have a number of questions. One of the most pertinent of them is likely to be: What makes the Bulldog Mindset different from other teachings and philosophies that are out there?

What makes the Bulldog Mindset worth my time and investment? Once again there is a long and short answer to these questions.

The simple answer is that Bulldog Mindset is not a concept or process of thinking, in practice, it is a system of how to order your life. For the longer answer, we move to the next section.

The Mindset of Growth Through Action 

There are a number of ways to unpack this. But the most straightforward way to explain the Bulldog Mindset is to look at a few real-life examples. Examples that some of us (or a lot of us) can relate to at some level.

Example 01: Tommy the ‘Good Guy’

Take the example of Tommy. Tommy is your average high school kid. He is not too big, not too popular, and not too smart.

He does alright. He works reasonably well on his studies. Does a few extracurricular activities, and is not too awkward socially.

But Tommy has a few problems. First, he is somewhat timid. He avoids conflict whenever he can. And whilst he is not a push-around, he is not the sort of guy who is likely to put himself in situations that may warrant aggressive action, and would back out of conflicts even when the opportunity presents itself.

Such as when the high school big shot has something snarky to say to him, he just lets it pass. Even though he knew that could give it back as much if not more.

And this approach to life continues. Tommy, whilst having the capacity to deal with confrontation, takes what he thinks is the ‘nobler’ or ‘right’ approach.

And this continues for some time. Until something happens. Someone goes a bit too far, or rather Tommy thinks that this jerk has pushed him to his limits. At which point Tommy snaps.

Things get out of hand. Tommy, having reacted in this way (he punched the guy in the stomach) thinks he has done the right thing. But his peers think otherwise.

Tommy whilst a good kid at heart has trouble dealing with conflict. He seems calm and accepting but is actually a time bomb waiting to go off (Are you that kind of person).

And in time his friends and potential friends and colleagues come to recognize it, and he stands to lose out socially.

What Tommy does not have is the right mindset. The mindset that provides him with the right social calibration to deal with social pressures, and new conflicts in a constructive way. In a way, a truly masculine man would.

Things go alright for Tommy. But once he finishes school, he still carries with him that defensiveness and at a deeper level, insecurity.

Tommy does not know how to deal with conflict correctly. He tolerates and tolerates. Until it becomes too much.

This is not the way to deal with conflicts or the way to develop constructive relationships, and in the long run, it will affect his ability to succeed in the social sphere. Make no mistake, success in life is about managing relationships. And yes, even the potentially unpleasant ones.

Example 02: Freddie the ‘Nice Guy’ 

The next high school guy on the list is Freddie. Freddie is another ‘average’ guy in his mid-late teens.

He goes to school, follows classes, and does well in the exams. Has a good group of friends he hangs out with, and does a few extracurricular activities on the side.

And unlike the usual nerds, he likes to go out and have a good time. Overall Freddie is a decent kid who likes being his age and doing what normal teenagers like doing.

Except for one thing.

You see, Freddie has this crush on this girl from maths class, named Lisa. She is pretty. Somewhat popular. Not the high school cheerleader level, but she has her social circle.

But Freddie for all of his other strengths and social awareness in navigating the arena of friends and colleagues, however, has real trouble connecting with girls.

Generally, when the class bell rings, Freddie is either the first one out (i.e. to avoid waiting a bit and chatting with the girls). Or if he isn’t talking to his friends about the next practice session, he generally makes a quick exit, walking past the girls who are standing near the lockers and along the corridors.

As he walks past the students who are waiting, he notices a few girls who look interesting. In fact, they seem to be looking in his direction but he just walks past them. Not appear to care.

Until he encounters the pretty girl he’s into. There is Lisa, talking to one of her friends. Freddie wants to do something. Say something. But he doesn’t. And just keeps walking. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, Freddie for whatever reason thinks that he is different. Don’t ask me what this exactly means, but according to this high school kid, who by the way, like any male teenager is full of testosterone, and thinks about girls and sex more often than not.

But he doesn’t do anything about it. Or going deeper, he does not change his mindset when it comes to the question of girls and his relationship (or the lack thereof) with them.

And when he goes out and sees his friends hitting on girls, and making out with them in malls, at the beach, or after class, he tells himself that he is above all things. That he somehow doesn’t want or need them!

This state of affairs continues for some time. Until the end of the term, the party comes by. Freddie despite his lack of success with ladies, is not an introvert. He likes going out, and having a good time with his friends.

This time around the party is at his friend's house. It's Friday evening, the parents are out on a trip to Europe. And there is a lot of good food and drinks going around.

And then there are girls. His buddy John sure knows how to throw a good party. And would you believe it, guess who turns up like two hours into the party that his cute crush Lisa!

Lisa and two of her girlfriends come in looking good. And Freddie feels like doing something about it.

But he doesn’t know what that something is.

On the face of it the equation is simple enough: walk up to the girls and say hi! And then introduce himself and talk to the girl he is interested in. And see what happens.

But he doesn’t. The guy with little to no experience in this area just waits there with a drink in his hand. Waiting for something to happen.

Nothing Happens!

And by the time it's 9.00 pm, Freddie (still having not spoken to a single babe) makes his way to the punch bowl, and what does he witness: Lisa, his hot crush making out with his friend John.


Whilst this might all sound high school musical-ish but this is a serious matter. The example of Freddie is unique. In the world of incels, red pills, and whatnot there are more and more guys who are struggling to connect with women. At any level.

For any guy who finds himself in such a position, who does not work to sort out his social skills, and does not take the time to learn how to approach and converse with women; and above all, he does not get his MINDSET right when it comes attracting women and building relationships, he will NEVER get it right. Period.

A fact that is true for virtually all key areas of life.

Whether it is the ‘good guy’ Tommy who wants to avoid all conflict and lead a noble life but gets pissed and reactive when things don’t go his way. Or Freddie the ‘nice guy’ who despite being filled with natural urges for female company and relationships thinks he is a part or “above” all of it. When he clearly is not.

The thing is these weaknesses will not resolve themselves. For they stem from a certain way of looking at the world and oneself. A misguided philosophy. It is a mindset problem that requires a mindset solution.

One that is not limited to dating and social calibration but that extends into virtually all areas of life. So how you may ask should a person go about fixing these? Well now onto the next section.

Bulldog Mindset: The Mindset of Achievers 

We began this post by stating the dividing line between those who succeed and those who fail or continue to operate as nobodies: is the principle of never giving up.

The failures in life are not those who have tried and missed out, but the men who have stopped trying. The men who end up being content with whatever little that life throws at them and sit around dreaming for better times. True commitment to a cause or mission is one that hammer away no matter the external pressure or internal doubt or fear.

However, there is another equally important component to this success equation. Wisdom.

Note, wisdom is different from knowledge: which deals with various subject areas and pertains to expertise, but when it comes to its practical use, it is a different matter.

The philosophy of the founder of Bulldog Mindset is to take all of the pertinent knowledge that is present in the outside world and distill them down to what is absolutely necessary for you. What is needed for you to learn, grow and succeed in whatever area of your life.

This is a key consideration.

When one looks at the top performers in the world: from world-class athletes, celebrities, thought leaders, etc. These guys don’t operate alone. They have a group of experts advising them. Guiding them in almost every aspect of their life.

A coach in other words. Don’t you think you need the same?

For often what divides the true winners from the other average performers is the marginal benefit they gain from top experts in the field. When it comes to life you to need the same.

What Does the Bulldog Mindset Mean in Practice? 

There is a tendency in the world, particularly in the online space, that solutions to problems must invariably take the form of a physical product. Such as a book or some self-help course.

This means there is a degree of skepticism when it comes to such ‘intangible’ solutions that focus on what goes on in your mind.

A fair point.

However, the case we are making is that whilst all of those product-based solutions that focus on practical steps to solving various problems: from investing, building a business, and dating are important. But these outputs are greatly predicated on what goes on in your mind.

Another way of putting it, is that no matter how many courses you take, or much money you spend, or how many experts you are going to consult, if you are not serious about and willing to change the way you think, act, and look at the world, none of these will ultimately prove worthwhile.

The Bulldog Mindset is about getting you, the person at the center, on the right footing. Do you believe in the right things? Do you want the right things? Are you willing to work for and towards the right outcomes?

With us, you stand to receive a no-BS approach to finding solutions to real-life problems.

Whether it is mastering the art of approaching women, building your first businesses, making your existing businesses profitable, or having the physique that you always wanted. With us, at Bulldog Mindset we will work with you to deliver real results.