I was never a big fan of men’s magazines.

started reading them in my late teens, back when physical copies were still a thing (maybe they still are). They were interesting but were never insightful and rarely ever gave the kind of answers I was looking for.

The top magazines from reputed companies that were filled with nice pics of famous or supposedly famous people (besides those on the front cover most of them were barely recognizable); a lot of colorful adverts, and spreads of some hot girls (depending on the rag in question).

Here I emphasize the word ‘some’. For this trend, of having hot girls on magazine covers, as I have come to learn, is fast losing traction.

This is not a surprise if given the growing focus on subject matters that concern men with different preferences. Which is not a problem in itself.

However what was a problem, and it is one that hasn’t gone away, and if anything has only regressed further in this regard: is the lack of focus on providing the guidance and tools to help boys become men.

Or importantly in present times, to help men become better men.

Going further, if we are to speak of the various blogs and other such online resources that focus on issues that concern men, things are no better.

Whilst there is a handful of them that do provide useful life advice here. With others delving into deep philosophical questions as well. But hardly any of them focus on actual questions that pertain to the development of men AND also provide ways to get there.

There is a serious lack of focus on subjects like providing an actual road map for men to develop themselves, and work towards achieving their goals and fulfilling their life’s potential.

And speaking of those once famous men’s or ‘lifestyle’ magazines (which is what they are really): Those which used to line up the magazine at the local library or supermarket shelves (if you can find any of these days); the surviving ones which have made the transition to the digital format, are today no better today than what the were a decade or so ago in terms of substance.

Then we have our new age of intellectuals and social media leaders who have risen in the space. Those who have taken upon themselves the task of guiding a new generation of men towards a better future (One would hope).

But what do these guys actually offer? And how do they stack up in terms of solutions?

In this post, we will break down some of the problems that surround these men’s health and lifestyle magazines, which have been in the business of guiding and educating men.

Followed by a look at some of these new players who have entered the arena to help modern men.

The reader here needs to have an open mind. As some of the points that we raise in relation to certain sources and notable persons could be those you might be subscribing to at the moment.

But hope to make this post, a time well spent.

Problem with Men’s Health (Lifestyle) Magazines

In writing this post, I made a quick visit to one of the world's top men’s magazines.

Not naming names-it has the keyword ‘men’ in it (take a guess). And… I wasn’t impressed or surprised.

The site looked relatively well-designed. Clean header, well-placed tabs, and decent content breakdown. All good. However, a stroll through the main content categories soon raised some questions.

Having spent several minutes on the site (believe me it does not take too long), it became clear that nothing much has changed since the last time read through an actual physical version of this rag, almost a decade and half a ago.

The information present was what you would expect: engagement of an array of subjects that broadly relates to men: from grooming, clothing, fitness, and… Entertainment.

You heard that right. A serious men’s magazine has an entire section dedicated to celebrity gossip! Well, I guess it is not necessarily an unpardonable crime, but the point remains.

Moving to dating and sex, which is a subsection in this major men’s magazine, one finds a lot of content focusing on the right sex positions, on having sex that produces the best and/or highest number of orgasms!

All relevant stuff, one could say. But how exactly is this going to help men who are well, kind of struggling to get started in their dating life!?

And did I mention that some of the posts were authored by women, and a few of them were aimed at, well, guys with different preferences?

Now to be clear this is not necessarily a problem. But it does raise questions: how strong is the focus on helping modern men?

Given the problems that men today are facing in the world of dating and relationships-one that we have engaged in a dedicated post that we would advise you to check out-which are significant, and hence require a serious response.

What this points to is a broader cultural problem in society today: which is the lack of focus on what men are facing in their personal and professional lives. Critically approach the challenges from the standpoint of men, by men who actually care about the well-being of men.

Now it is not politically correct to point this out: but there is a certain authority and credibility that arises when the person giving advice on key questions that pertain to your life; especially when it comes to dating and sex, is someone who can relate to your station in life.

Too Much Selling Not Much Helping 

A major problem in this debate on helping is a secondary one, but it is nonetheless pertinent here. It is one that pervades many of these online sources that claim to be men: ads.

Specifically, it is the practice of selling support materials, and other products, often stationed in other domains, that may or may not be of use to men when it comes to dealing with their actual problems.

Now the idea of using your site to sell is not a problem in itself. Heck, we do the same ourselves. But what is problematic, and one that ought to be concerning for guys who are taking advice from these companies is that the focus is not solely or primarily on the reader.

This is to say whatever these guys are selling on their domains, whilst having some kind of marginal benefit to the buyer, but in terms of actually SOLVING whatever trial, or obstacle they (you) are facing… That requires a tailored solution.

For there are problems in life that will NOT get fixed no matter how good your new watch is, or how great your choice of men’s fragrance, or for that matter on which online store you can get the best deals in top quality booze!

The point is when it comes to addressing the issue that men are dealing with in the modern world; the real issues that occupy the minds of men: from finding a stable source of income, building a healthy physique, improving one’s knowledge of the things that matter, approaching women; to the broader questions that pertain to the purpose of life.

When we get to these subjects there is a definitive void.

A leadership gap one could say. One that has in some ways come to be addressed by various self-proclaimed gurus, social media influencers, and intellectuals who have apparently worked out the way to helping men.

These developments are not without reason. As many modern men, due to a lack of guidance on key issues when it comes to life, have taken to the online world in search of leadership.

With such ‘online personalities’ if one may describe them as such, taking on the de facto role of helping men to do well in life. These guys come in various shapes and forms. And the solutions they provide are rather scattershot.

This takes us to the main point: the character and content advanced by these modern leaders in the men’s help space.

Philosophers and Influencers: Where They Seem to Fall Short  

If you are a guy who has spent any amount of time on the internet, searching for materials that relate to men and personal development, you are invariably going to run into two people: Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate.

So far in our posts, we have limited our focus to subject matters that directly have an effect on people’s lives, such as dating, personal development, finance, health, and fitness, and underpinning all of them: mindset.

We have narrowed down our attention to these specific areas because we reckon these are the ones that truly matter when it comes to the question of self-improvement.

Important as it is, what is also of apparent significance is the emotional appeal that self-help content, particularly in terms of its packaging and delivery has on the minds of many men.

One of the main drivers of Dr. Peterson’s success has been his ability to connect with people but especially men, by speaking directly to them.

By addressing, what he correctly identifies, as the psychological, social, and cultural dimensions of the problems that men are facing, Dr. Peterson is able to develop a strong narrative through which to tie together a message that people, predominantly men have been able to connect with.

Which is all fine and good. But the question is what is he offering in terms of solutions? And here we are not talking about the complex breakdown of societal problems that indirectly affect men.

From the rise of the welfare state, and the cultural impacts of feminism, to women’s dating preferences, and the lack of role modes for men. The list of problems that have a sociological origin goes on and on.

But what of the response? What does Dr. Peterson have to offer in terms of concrete solutions to the challenges that men are facing in the real world?

And here we are not only talking about remedies to the psychological origins of various fears and insecurities that men may have about various facets of life. Or in the need for self-discovery and growth through learning, and by adopting the right principles (or rules) for life.

All of this is good and fine. And in many ways, we commend the Canadian clinical psychologist’s contributions in this area. However, with all of that guidance, learning, and sense of oneness that Dr. Peterson has managed to give rise to, the question still remains: Where does that leave the average guy who is looking to improve himself at the end of the day?

Take some time to ponder this question.

Whilst it is easy to be captivated by powerful speeches, and eloquent communication of important subjects, it is a different ball game when it comes to developing the methods, and have the tools to not just fix your life’s problems, but to be able to rise above them.

Before we jump into what could constitute a set of viable solutions to such real-world problems that men are facing today, let’s take a look at another prominent player who has positioned himself as something of a leading voice when it comes to subjects and controversies that relate to men.

A man, who, whilst different in character from the Canadian philosopher, comes with his own set of solutions to the challenges that men face in the world today.

The Tate Model 

Before I start, let’s be clear that is not some hit piece on the character and works of the famous (now infamous) online influencer and media personality.

In principle, we are supportive of many of the core tenants that the British-American former kickboxing champ affirms.

  • To work hard.

  • To embrace the pain that comes in life as a way to grow.

  • To not shy away from your fears.

  • To strive to be a fighter at heart and a leader on the field.

  • To seek excellence in everything you do.

All of these tenants, building on the core principles of discipline and the need for financial independence, are 100 percent valid.

And when you mix this with some hard-hitting messages on gender roles, on the preference of hot attractive women, and why men and women are better off ordering their lives based on their biological character… Then you are in for some controversy, and as events over the past year or so have proved, a lot of attention!

This is fine in terms of the messaging but of the effects.

Getting young men worked up about how unfair the equation is when it comes to achieving success in life, combined with a harsh dose of realism on how women choose men, and some commentary on how the world really works and the philosophical approaches to live by, is all good but of its substance.

Now I don’t know if you have been, or intended to become a part of the controversial influencer’s various online programs. For that is not our focus here.

What we are saying is to consider the alternatives.

Our alternative or solution to the key questions about life: of finance, personal development, women, relationships and underlying mindset is NOT to focus on the narrative. But rather the person.

We are NOT concerned about global conspiracies involving the so-called “elite” who want to keep the rest of us (men) down.

We are NOT in the business of selling you a business proposal. This comes down to the idea of employing people in a network and engaging various types of expertise. And making them work for us (i.e. the organization) by giving the worker (those who subscribe via a monthly fee) the opportunity and the support framework, to work for themselves in the process.

What we DO offer however is a tailor-made solution that corresponds to growth and development in key areas of finance, women and relationships, health and fitness, and mindset.

Essentially we are offering solutions to the same core problems that men are facing in the world. But one that is grounded. Specific to the person.

So what is our approach to helping men become men or better men in the modern world? Well, onto the next section.

The Mindset Solution for Life’s Key Problems 

These days there is no shortage of vloggers, influencers, social media personalities, and even intellectuals who have gotten on the self-help and personal development movement.

This sphere activity has grown considerably in the digital age, and one might be tempted to think it now has developed a bandwagon effect. Where more players are entering the space to try their luck at:

  1. Improving Themselves

  2. Making a Business of Helping Others and Improving Themselves

This is fine in principle. As humans, we learn by growing and grow by learning (hopefully well after adulthood). And it is only reasonable that people attempt to make some kind of return on the time that they spend, and later invest, in the form of financial remuneration.

The question is separating the credible players from the scammers.

Which is not that difficult really if you are willing to do a bit of digging. (Hint: Anything that sniffs of a get-rich-quick scheme is likely to be problematic).

However, the bigger challenge lies in distinguishing the good experts from the less worthy ones. Those which are worth your time, money, and attention.

With Bulldog Mindset we recognize the major problem areas that men are facing in their life. From:

  • Having a low paying 9 – 5 job.

  • A business that never takes off.

  • To have passive income but not knowing where to start.

  • Attracting the kind of girls you want in your life.

  • Losing weight and building muscle.

And underlying all of this is the ability to live out your full purpose in life.

Doing all of this is easier said than done. So what is needed for men who wish to seek real, concrete, measurable improvement in some or all of these areas of their lives is a system.

A system that you need to plug yourself into where the returns for your efforts are real and measurable.

We will leave out the specifics here: but with Bulldog Mindset the Mindset solution is not just about getting your thinking right. It is about building you up as a person who has the will, the knowledge, and the network to go out and do things for himself.

This is not a business where we make money off of your time. But it is one where we provide value for every hour that you spend with us.

If you have spent any amount of time on our blogs or in the YouTube page, you will know that this is a subject to that we have given considerable attention. With content, planning, and refinement that has gone on for almost a decade.

This is not a get-rich quick scheme. This is not a university where you learn how to make money for someone else. This is about you becoming the best version of yourself by entering a system that promises change.

Become a Bulldog today!