Think of something you really want to have or do in your life: something good, something worthwhile, something you think, that if you have it, will make you feel good, satisfied, or happy.

It is something that you don’t have at the moment and critically it is something that cannot be purchased. At least not outright. And if it is something that can be bought, you as of now, don’t have the means to do it.

Can you think of that ‘something’. Can you picture that product, experience or service that you really wish to have or be apart of, but as things stand you can’t have it as of this moment.

What do you think you need to do to get a stage where you can have it? What kind of steps do you think you need to take, and for how long, and with what intensity and focus, for you to get to a stage where this ideal reality would come to pass?

You see, in life there is a very fine line that divides those that succeed from those that don’t. And there is an even finer line that separates those who do reasonably well and just carry one from those who fail.

Life is a game of margins.

Whilst small but key moments in life can make you or break you. Often the divide between those who are living their dream life, from those who are wasting their lives away in regret comes down to what you are committing to do with your life today.

And by doing what you ought to, in working towards your goals you are not escaping the pain, trials, the ordeals that life throws at you. Rather what you are doing, or doing differently is that you are willing and ready to take on the challenges of life, in working towards a set goal.

That in doing so, you work towards accomplishing something of significance. You work towards achieve what you always wanted: which is not just that fancy product, or luxurious lifestyle or high status. Rather in this process towards success, you become the best version of yourself.

Thus you become that person who has access to those very things that you are seeking (or dreaming) about now.

The key point is that some succeed whilst many do not. Do you know why? It is the difference between work and laziness. Perseverance and giving up. It is about the mindset that says never give up.

But make no mistake, this journey is not going to be easy. The path towards success and triumph is an uphill challenge, can you make it to the top.

Why Life is Tough?

Life is Tough

The simple answer is that it was never meant to be easy.

You see, one of the main disadvantages we in modern the world have, particularly those who were raised in middle to upper middle income households, growing up in urban environments is that we tend to have it easy. At least in relative terms.

Unless we are faced with real economic hardship in our formative years, and here it is fair to say, almost everyone does at some point at varying degrees. But the truth is for many adult men today, particularly those who are likely to be reading this post, if you look back on your life, you journey was not likely to have been one that was full of hardship. At least not the serious kind.

Look at it this way: when people in the modern world, particularly those who have been raised in and live in cities, with desk jobs, or do the kind of work where there is no serious or immediate threat to life or limb; the kind of challenge that you and I are going to face in our day to day lives are, if you really think about it, of a mundane nature.

Sure having a job that pays poorly, a boss that micromanages everything you do, a girlfriend who doesn’t stop getting on your nerves, or to having no girlfriend at all can be real headache. And can make you want out, to find a quick fix.

Whilst it undoubtedly sucks to put up these hurdles as you try to build your career and grow in stature (if you have such aspirations) these hurdles pale in comparison to what our ancestors had to go through thousands of years ago, or to what certain men are compelled to go through in certain cultures in certain parts of the world.

The problem of the difficulty of life, and interestingly the first step in the finding the answer, comes down to perspective.

Having to navigate an hour or more of traffic to get your place every work day is challenging enough. But it is not as bad as having to drive through a town that is bordering an actual battle field, with explosion and gunfire!

Not being able to land your dream job or being passed over that promotion may seem like a tough pill to swallow (It is). However it is nothing compared to waking up to the threat of real danger to your life, your livelihood.

In other words, one of the reasons why the problems that we face in our day to day lives seem so challenging is that you and I have not been tested. Not really anyway. Most of us have not been put through real hardship that forces to grow and adapt. Hence the challenges of life seem bigger than they actually are.

However, this does NOT mean that you have the right to cave in. This does not mean you have the license to say: ‘What the hell… Sure I have problems, but it is nothing compared to what other people are going through after a planet away’. This cannot happen.

For no matter the ordeal you are facing in your life today, big or small, you are NOT to make the problem a justification for inaction, or worse to give yourself into a mindset of tame acceptance, to lay down and accept what life throws at you.

That my friend is the Victim Mindset. The very thing we are opposed to.

Pain: An Indicator of Problems that are Yet to be Overcome

No Pain No Gain

Let’s take a practical approach to answering the question of why life is tough. Take the last time you were in any kind of pain: mental, physical, or a bit of both. Think what was going on through your mind at that point?

Besides the feelings of negativity that results from physical and mental hardship, invariably there would be a thought or thoughts running through your mind. Which often take the form of questions: Why me? Why is this happening? Why is this happening now? And the most important question: what can I do to get myself out of this state?

Before we get to the specific problem at hand and the urgent need to find a solution for it, often times what is missed is the problem behind the problem. The real obstacle or hindrance that has, and now is giving rise to your present ordeal.

Take the example of a guy who is struggling with his finances. The guy who has to work 40 hours or more per week, for a low or minimum wage job. The guy who has to balance other responsibilities and commitments. And… like any man with aspiration, a person who wants to build something for himself.

In those difficult moments which are bound to come, it is easy to lose yourself in the problem. It is tempting to let the difficulties at hand takeover. In the worst instances to given into despair and the let the problems overwhelm you.

All of these are moments, which could take the form of hours, days or longer, correspond to pain. Metal anguish that pushes you to seek answers. And rightly so. But often, and this one of the major problems in the modern world, the fixes are often not permanent.

Often they are anything but. We know how this works. For virtually any life challenge you can think of, from finance, dating and relationships, confidence and social skills, health and fitness, there a 101 scam artists and snake oil salesman ready to sell you a quick fix solution. A get rich quick scheme, a get-laid-guaranteed or lose weight overnight program.

The question is do these things actually work!?

Even worse, there are those who don’t seek help. Or rather look to the very things that cause or exacerbate their problems whilst purporting to be the solution. Once again the list is a well known one: gambling/betting, alcohol (too much of it), pornography, soliciting call-girls etc.

These outlets don’t fix your problem. They don’t fix your mindset. They make things worse. Much worse. But not before making the user feeling a little bit better, for a little while. And sadly for many, that’s enough.

I know what you are thinking now. If this is going to be some long write-up diagnosing a societal problem, or a personal issue, and then tries to sell me something at the end, why not just come out with it!? Tell me what I want to hear: Give me the Solution.

OK. Here it is.

Answer to a Tough Life: Get Tough

Tough Life

In life there are a few certainties, but these remain true: The strong survive, and the strongest thrive.

To be clear this is not meant to suggest some crude life against life philosophy. But it is to suggest that life is a fundamentally a competitive one. And how well you compete, or at all, will determine your success in life.

And in context of living a good life, there is always competition. There has to be. Caz if there isn’t, it usually means that what is at the end is not worth it. (Think here of the charlatans who sell you “success”: that you will be rolling in cash, once you sign up for their success program or workshop). Do really think that such a thing is going to work. Should it?

The answer to the problem life: that of working through and rising up in a world that is challenging at personal and professional level is for you to grow as a person.

So grow! Learn, and become better and stronger version of yourself. Sound straightforward doesn’t it. But if it is, then why isn’t everyone doing. Why aren’t many people doing it? You look around, and a lot of people are leading a mediocre life.

I’ll tell you why. The fact is it is not only is it not as easy as it sounds. The task of becoming the better or best version of yourself is incredibly difficult to accomplish… On your own.

Son, if you want to succeed in a tough world you gonna need some help. Which is where we come in.

The great Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca famously staid: A good character is the only guarantee of everlasting, carefree happiness. Even if some obstacle to this comes on the scene, its appearance is only to be compared to that of clouds which drift in front of the sun without ever defeating its light’.

Yet the question remains: how do you acquire that good character. Or better, how do you become that person who is going to have the strength to withstand the many trials of life, and then rise up in becoming a more knowledgeable, able and competent man?

Well, we can tell you to go read a good book, sign up for a self-help course, get a gym membership and start approaching girls at night and during the day. But we have something better. We have a solution. We have what you need, if you are willing to make it work for you.

It’s Only ‘OK’ If you Know What you are Doing


One of the problems we have in the world today, especially when it comes to men who are trying to find their way in the world, is the dire lack of leadership, particularly in the formative years of their lives.

Ask almost any guy in his 20s and 30s if there was one thing he could have benefited from as a young or younger man? His answer, provided he is not going for the easy (and lazy) way out and says, ‘a million dollars’, his most sensible answer would be: someone who could have showed me the way.

Someone, invariably an older, smarter more accomplished person who has been there and done that, and is willing to show me the ropes when it comes to facing the struggles of life. Someone who can give the knowledge, provide the hacks and tips for navigating the tough terrain called life.

One of things that comes with age is that we realize that life doesn’t get easy. If you were in high school and you thought getting into college will make things easy, then boy.. If you are in college, working hard to get top marks and graduate, whilst balancing your part time time job, thinking that a full time job after graduation will making everything easy, including guaranteeing your path to financial freedom…

Well let me tell you, unless you are working in a highly lucrative field, that comes with a million dollar pay day, things are not gonna just happen.

The point is, no matter what stage you are in life, or what stage you are about to enter, things are not going to get easy. Square with it.

But don’t stop there.

Problems are there for a reason. Pain is a powerful indicator of what is at fault. Hardships force you to learn, grow and improve.

Question is how are going to go about it? What are you going to do about the sources of pain and heartache.

Once again we return to the wisdom of Seneca: ‘Adversity or Misfortune is good because it gives you the opportunity to strengthen yourself. It gives you the chance to become better and to really test your principles, your philosophy’.

Wisdom is good. But what is equally important is pressure. A right kind of force, a source of compulsion that pushes you to get down and get s**t down. For if there is one way to make life easier (not easy) is to preempt the pain, preempt the hardship, and get in there to get things done.

The Mindset Solution

Tough Mindset

If you have read any of other content on site, you will know that this post has not like the rest. In terms of tone, messaging and intent we have been very direct about what we are offering.

If you have problems in key areas of life: whether it is in your dating life, when it comes losing weight, building muscle, building a source income, having a network of men to tap into, to be coached one-on-one by a leader in business and fitness, so that you are strengthened to go forward and make it in life.

Then we have a solution ready for you. However before you get there. Before you are able to benefit from anything that we have to offer, you need to make a choice.

Are you the kind of person who embraces the challenge of life, or are you someone who runs or shies away from it? Or are you the indecisive type: the guy who is content to perpetually sit on the fence and hope that good things will happen.

To these guys I have to say, that the time has come. If you want so badly for your life to change; for things to start happening. For life to get easy… Then the time is right to get a move on.

Get a move on by getting real. Focus on what you want. Be willing to work for it. To put in the hours, days, weeks. However long. But, do it with guidance. Do it with right mindset.

Life is tough. But it can tough and worthwhile. Are you ready to make it so?


Life is what you make of it. We’ve all heard it before. The key is in making it worthwhile. Do you want to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life? If the answer is yes, then it is time you started working towards it. Do you know why people who succeed in life rarely seem to complain. Rarely do they seem to b***h about how life is unfair, people are jerks or the taxes are too high.

You see, these guys and gals don’t have time for this sh**. They are down, fully focused on getting good at what they do, and remaining at the top of their game. You commit to this way of life, and I’ll promise whatever challenge you are facing or however tough you think life is, will not persist.

Make success your goal. Push yourself to get that goal. And enjoy the rewards in the process.