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  • Discover the secrets to working without motivation and how to boost your productivity
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“I was tired of being a socially awkward, overweight, broke loser. I developed the exact methods on how to overcome those obstacles. 

Now I share them with you...”

Dear future Bulldog, 

Have you ever thought about developing your own business? 

How about acquiring multiple revenue streams? 

Can you go on that trip to Hawaii you always wanted? 

How about creating that elusive passive income everyone dreams about? 


How about walking up to a beautiful stranger on the street? 

And not have crippling fear or anxiety stop you dead in your tracks. 


Instead you can talk endlessly and tease her effortlessly. 


How about destroying laziness? 


So you can sculpt the body you’ve always desired? 

The 6-pack abs you always wanted. 


Not feel guilt when you look at other guys with 15 percent body fat.

The peace of mind you truly need... 


"I had no clue what to do or how to do it.”


I know you want to achieve these goals. 

The problem is no one ever tells you how.


I had no idea how to develop self-confidence on my own. 

I was always exhausted to go running or lift weights after work.


“Should I quit my job and start a business?” 

“Do I need investors?”


I didn’t know where to start...


But you see my friend...It’s a lot simpler than you think. 

You can have all that by only shifting your current mindset. 


I know that may sound simplistic but hear me out. 


You have to shift your current mindset...

To something I developed called The Bulldog Mindset


Sounds too good to be true though doesn’t it?

You see most people are plagued by limiting beliefs. 


Guys overthink and believe they aren’t good enough.

  • “You want 6-pack abs? That’s for douchebags”
  • “You want to Start a business? That’s stupid and risky.”
  • “You want to know how to talk to women? You’re creepy.”

What if I told you that most of these self hating ideas aren’t your own? 

Where does it come from?

It comes from decades of conditioning from external sources. 

 Society, your parents, your teachers and others that want to keep you down... 




It can even come from your closest friends. 

They drilled into you what I call “The victim mindset.” 


It’s destroying your chances of a free and abundant life. 

Where you can live by your own means:

  • Become your own boss and not answer to some faceless jerk.
  • Develop true core confidence that others will envy.
  • Obliterate laziness and obtain your optimal body. 

I’m about to tell you how you can do this and escape the rat race for good. 

And even crazier this process can begin within weeks. 


Even if you are starting with nothing

After I share with you my knowledge. 


You can go and execute immediately. 


I want you to stop wondering what is on the other side. 

I want to show you that the grass is greener. 


I’ll take you there. 


I want you to stop comparing yourself to others and their success. 

In fact, I want THEM to envy you. 


If this is what you want. Keep scrolling my friend.

Hey I’m John Sonmez 


I’m the founder of The Bulldog Mindset. I coach and mentor hundreds of men a year. I train them on how they can accomplish their fitness goals.

I guide them on how to achieve financial success and how to adopt true core confidence. 


I run Simple Programmer. I teach software developers how to develop soft skills. I show them how to obtain their dream developer jobs... 


I’m a public speaker. A public figure. An active real estate investor. A high performance coach. A programmer and wall street best selling author.


I'm not some pretend "guru."

I know, I can hear it now…”That’s great John but why should I care?”


Here’s the thing...




I didn’t know how to create my own passive income streams. 

No one taught me how to retire in my early thirties. 


No one showed me how to become a millionaire.

Not too long ago I was the exact opposite of what I am today.


I was less than a normal guy.

I was overweight, I had no ambitions, I was socially awkward as hell.


The trifecta of being a loser. 


It all changed when I developed The Bulldog Mindset

It took years of blood, sweat and tears. 


But I had to do it. I was done being a loser. I had enough...

Now I want to show you how as well. 

You can achieve the same things I have...



You proudly walk into your boss’s office. 


You slam your resignation letter on his desk.

Shocked, he looks up at you with his beady little eyes. 


“What is this?” He grumbles.


You calmly respond with “I’m quitting.”

He stammers, “You c-can’t q-quit, YOU NEED THIS JOB!‘


You look him dead on. 

Unwavering. Confident and standing tall. 


You smirk and casually walk out of his shoddy office. 

Confused he just sits in his black leather chair. 

Dumbfounded that you could even had the balls to do that. 


What he doesn’t know is that you've been making $5203.45 a month. 

How? With your side business. 


After learning what’s in this program.

You executed. You found a business niche. You pitched clients.  


Now you are your own boss. 

Your potential to earn is now way more than this measly office job. 


He doesn't control you anymore. He can’t. You are free... 





The alarm rings. You roll out of your comfy bed. 

You toss your blanket across the bed. 


You are ready to start your busy day. 


“Wait a minute...”


You stop dead in your tracks.


You notice a weird figure in your corner mirror. 


It’s your reflection. But something is off. 

You have a wide grin from ear to ear. 


You look at your flat belly. Your 16" biceps. 

Your cut facial line. Your great physique. 


“Damn I look good now.” you say to yourself. 


You start flexing like a weirdo but you don’t care. 

You worked hard for this new body. 


This new you. 


3.5 months ago you were 32 pounds overweight. 

You hated looking at yourself in the mirror. 


You always felt guilty when fitter guys walked past you. 

“Why not me? Is it my genetics? Why Am I so lazy?”


Now that’s changed. You actually like yourself now. 

Plus now everyone likes the new you. 


You feel great everyday. Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. 

You have way more energy to accomplish your goals. 


No more brain fog. 


You used the teachings in the program. 

You executed with a fierce passion. 


This is your reward. The body you always fantasized about. 

Plus the respect and admiration you deserve... 



You are sitting at your favorite local cafe. 

The one that makes the great muffins.


You take a sip of your $4.23 vanilla latte. 


Something catches your eye. 


A beautiful, slim, blonde beauty sits at a table across from you. 

Her locks flowing. She has sky blue eyes. 


You notice a faint smell of lavender. Must be her perfume. 


She looks up and notices your presence. 

Your eyes meet and she flashes a small smile. 


You lock onto her starry eyes and smile back.

You nod your head slightly as to acknowledge her. 


She brushes her hand through her long lush hair.

Her eyes ever breaking contact with yours.  


You can feel your heart race. Not with fear. 

With excitement. You’ve done this before. It’s still fun. 


You get up in one quick swoop. 


You take the empty chair at her table. 

You sit down right in front of her. 


The only words out of your mouth is “Hey, I’m John.”

The game is on. No hesitation, No anxiety. 


Second nature almost. 

Months ago this would have been crazy for you to pull off. 


No way you would have been this confident. 

You always wondered how other guys could do this so easily. 


With what you learned in the program. This is nothing. 

You could do this over and over again with ease. 


A lack of confidence is not an issue for you anymore.


Now, why Am I telling you to imagine these scenarios..?




  • Men want to be financially independent and not live paycheck to paycheck. 
  • Men want to be able to socialize and talk to beautiful women easily.
  • Men want to maximize their physique and gain true self-confidence. 


The problem is they don’t believe they can. 

They always make up excuses to NOT act... 


Once again this is a limiting belief.


I have coached and mentored tons of men to do these exact things. 

I’ve heard all the objections and excuses. 


So I made something to crush these limiting beliefs. 

I have developed a system. A road-map. 


A step-by-step guide. 

To teach men like you exactly how to succeed. 


I have spent decades of trial and error.

I have spent decades researching the right info to give you.


I made it as simple as possible to follow. 

I want to teach you how to be a man of value... 


Before I tell you exactly how this program helps you. I want to tell you a quick story.


I was overweight. I felt guilt looking at myself in the mirror. 

I was extremely lazy. I used to play World of Warcraft all day.  


I was socially awkward. I couldn’t even talk to girls. I also ADHD on top on that. 

Before I started building self-confidence

I always envied other guys. I wanted their amazing 6-pack abs. 


I wanted to make enough money to be my own boss. 

I wanted to be confident and not be so shy all the time.


I ran into the same problems every time I tried to improve. 



I would try different diets. Financial “gurus” would tell me to save pennies.

Then another would say to spend it all on organic smoothies. Which was it? 


I didn’t even know where to start with women. Should I buy that fancy Rolex?

Should I just be a nice guy? They tell me to “just be myself...”


There was so much random advice out there. I got lost.

Worst of all society told me I was creepy or weird for trying to learn.

I felt so ashamed and didn't ask for any help.
That was a huge mistake. 

I would of gotten over this insecurity quicker with someone showing me the way.


What made it worse was my mindset. 

 My constant overthinking... 


  • “You aren’t good enough John!”
  • “Success isn’t for losers like you!”
  • “Your aren’t doing enough, WORK MORE!”


I was bombarded with so many bad thoughts. 


To the point it paralyzed me and I just did the same thing everyday.

Never improving, stagnating and repeating the same mistakes over and over.  


Then I would beat myself up for not doing anything. 

Talk about a downward spiral...


At one point. Things weren’t getting better.

I ran into a wall. I decided I had to take charge... 




I started taking action and shifting my mindset. 

I didn’t want to be a victim anymore. 


I didn’t care what others thought of me (harder than it seems).

I made a plan and put it to work. Inch by inch. Little by little.


I started receiving results. This was it. 

I had to keep repeating this process. Eventually, I would learn to love it. 


All it took was a shift in mindset.


I started handling one aspect of my life after another. 


  • I created a business and scaled it. Now I make more than I ever need.  
  • I gained the fable 6-pack abs I always dreamed of.
  • I finally know how to handle my fear and social anxiety. 
  • I developed real self-confidence and learned how to be social. 


It took me over 5 years. Yes, I know that’s a long time.

Everything comes together when you adopt the proper mindset


It took that long because I went through endless trial and error. 

If only I had someone show me exactly what to do and learn.




I want to make you into a high value man. A man of status. 

I want to offer you my exact road-map and step-by-step process. 


So you can achieve what I did.

Except you can do it In a fraction of the time I spent doing it. 

No more guesswork. 


I made it simple and easy to follow. 

Now any “normal” guy can do it.

I know many guys are struggling right now. 

With their finances, their dating life, their mindsets. 


Technology has changed. There is more information than ever before.


Becoming a high value man hasn’t changed.

Being a leader, lifting others up and creating a legacy is what strong men do.  


There is a huge demand for these men right now.

I want you to answer the call. 

“I want to help you. That’s why I created this program. 
This cheat sheet.”


So I ask you...Are you willing to take the next step?





Demolish your victim mindset 

Unleash your inner bulldog

Open new opportunities 

Financial independence

Physical dominance 

Unshakable core confidence


This program will lead you on the proper path.


The Bulldog Mindset has been designed to help struggling men find their purpose. 

Men have become more lost than ever. 


Many have lives without any purpose. Many choose to opt out of society. 

Some guys want to see the world burn. They have no hope and no future. 


I understand where these guys are coming from...

Society has called you toxic. Women call you weak. Men call you effeminate. 


You aren’t treated fairly. The rules work against you. No one cares about you. 


I know it sounds bleak but this is a good thing. 

That means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Most guys only need a little push.


The Bulldog Mindset will guide you back on the path of becoming a high status man. 


The Bulldog Mindset is a course based on stoic philosophy. It teaches you exactly how to transform and unleash your true potential.

The core of The Bulldog Mindset will show you how to develop important traits every man should have.

Personal inner strength, self-reliance and an iron will. It makes you strong so you can handle anything life throws at you. 


It’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking your true potential. 

It’s about making you into a man of value and worth.  


A man that others will look up to and respect. 

A man that others desire to become.

It’s about stripping your victim mindset. 


Taking on any and all responsibility. 

That may sound scary now but that is how you get the best rewards. 


This is the exact road-map I took. I know it works. 

I want to share it with you because I was lost once (many times actually). 


Now you can live a free and happier life. Filled with hope and purpose. 




  • Mindset and philosophy. 
  • Fitness and health. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Investing.
  • Relationships and sex.


If you have access to the internet, you can watch the video modules from anywhere. 

This extensive guide covers everything you need to know about being a true man. 


I give you the tools to succeed so you can accomplish your goals.




The Bulldog Mindset is for men who want to get their financial, social, and physical life in order. 


It’s for guys who are fed up with being frustrated

It’s for men who don’t know where to start and feel lost. 


This isn’t some get rich quick or magic pill. You still have to take action. 

I can’t do push ups for you. I can’t take your exams for you. 


But if you follow my guide. You will get results faster.



It’s no secret. Men are struggling today. 

There is so much bad advice and misinformation out there. 


I wanted to give you a clear guide on what to do and how to execute. 


Frankly, no one wants to teach this either. There are some but not many. 


It’s not politically correct to do so. A lot of self-help “gurus” are afraid to tell the truth. 


All their advice ends up being completely censored and they play it safe. 

Most of it is too generic or broad. 

They fear the outrage mob...


I don’t


I’m a self made man. I can’t fire myself. 

My membership information isn’t watered down mainstream garbage. 


They don’t realize…

 A society of strong men with purpose is good for EVERYONE!



The Bulldog Mindset Core Pillars Program
Over 69+ hours of content — to quickly refer back to at any time...


You gain access to commercial free, exclusive video content. This content is not available on the YouTube channel.

This program goes deep on subjects that matter to men. 

Content is being added and updated constantly.

You get full access right away.

  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group.
  • BONUS 2: Access to the monthly Q&A live stream webinar.
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews.
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries.
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club. 
  • BONUS 6: Access to the private Bulldog Mindset Book Club.


69+ hours of value packed content to help you become high status.
Full access to all my exclusive training right away...

Bulldog Mindset Module 1

Mindset Lessons

  • The ONLY mindset for success. Why we live and die by this
  • How any man can maximize their potential and make the most out of their time
  • The true skill of working with no motivation or depression
  • Maximize productivity by using this surefire method
  • Exactly when to give up
  • These game changer hacks for being productive
  • The often misunderstood concept of true freedom
  • The ONE best way to handle failure in life
  • What is “Beneficial pain” and how to use it to grow
  • How to overcome the fear of one’s mortality and loneliness
  • How to rewire the brain to stop bad behaviors and addictions. How “The Rubber Band Effect” works
  • How we live one day is how we live every day
  • Trust The Process. Follow the correct process to get results
  • Surprising solutions to taking back control in life
  • How to build trust within ourselves and what to do when we fall off the wagon
  • And much more...

Wealth Lessons

  • My biggest secrets to wealth, business and entrepreneurship
  • How to escape financial prisons by doing this ONE thing
  • How to make money from a business using these timeless techniques
  • How all the top businesses use email marketing to produce the biggest ROI
  • How to develop and launch the perfect product for an audience
  • Everyone must learn “The Wealth Triangle” to build true wealth in life
  • Creating a “Well That Never Runs Dry.” The insider secrets to financial security and “passive income generators”
  • The surprising reason why real estate investing is the best investment
  • The quick start guide to real estate investing for newbies
  • Why most “Guru’s” beliefs on money are completely wrong
  • The 4 step process for quitting a job — to become a full time entrepreneur
  • Exploring other avenues of income sources that work
  • How to automate a business and the “passive income” myth
  • The truth behind insurance and health insurance
  • Setup the right systems for working remotely
  • And much more...

Fitness Lessons

  • The “Domino effect'' to train the lazy out of us
  • The proper way to build a highly aesthetic physique
  • Why most people get nutrition and diet very wrong
  • A real life insight into my workouts, diets and supplements
  • Maximize fat loss by copying my foolproof running routine
  • Why most people fail at losing weight and sticking to their diets
  • How to get 6 pack abs!
  • Building big arms that get noticed by everyone
  • What you must know about extreme dieting and how it affects the body and mind
  • A complete description into performance enhancing drugs (SARMS / Steroids / TRT)
  • The vital element to why diet is 90% mental. The best way to structure cheat meals and diet breaks
  • What should we do when we get injured or sick
  • How to push beyond limits and go further. What to do when we get stuck
  • What to do when we reach a plateau in life
  • The 12 most common fitness and diet myths
  • And much more...

Social Lessons

  • The first steps for mastering the psychology of attraction
  • Where to lead conversations with women after the initial approach
  • How NOT to fail physical escalation with women
  • The truth behind fear and developing courage
  • Avoid these common mistakes 80% of men make when entering a long term relationship
  • How to become a sexual beast in the bedroom that keeps her coming for more
  • Mastering frame control to become more influential
  • The often overlooked tactics for maximizing your looks
  • A number of practical things to develop our masculinity
  • Overcome our feelings of inadequacy (with a member case study)
  • The only way to gain genuine confidence. Why situational confidence isn’t as good as overall confidence
  • A number of techniques to de-escalate physical confrontations and tips when there is no other option but to fight
  • Why 90% of men will never succeed at dating. What to do if results aren’t coming in
  • How to make anyone like us. The powerful hidden techniques to dominate any social interaction
  • Highly effective tactics to become the life of the party
  • And much more...

+ Plus downloadable mind-maps and cheat sheets for quick reference.

And much more content (updated weekly.)

Total Value: ($197+)



  • Access to our exclusive members only Bulldogs Group Lair. Where you have access to our coaches and other members. Where you can get instant feedback.
  • Receive help on any issues or obstacles that are blocking your pursuit of success. 


Valued at: $29




  • Monthly community member only webinar/Q&A session. Where you get to ask me whatever is on your mind and get it answered right away!


Valued at: $249




  • VIP Access to live broadcasts and interviews with leading men. 
  • Get front-of-the-line access to ALL live broadcasts and Interviews before they're published on the YouTube channel.


Valued at: $49




  • My personal hand picked book recommendations and summaries. 
  • Don’t have time to read or just want the cliff notes of the best books out there? 
  • Every month, you’ll get all the key takeaways from each book of the month with my own personal notes in under 20 minutes!


Valued at: $29




  • Exclusive access to my private Strava Running Group.
  • Take your fitness to the next level by seeing how you stack up against other Bulldog members.
  • Join virtual running events and break through distances you never thought possible.


Valued at: $29




  • Exclusive access to my Bulldog Book Club. 
  • Every month, I'll choose a theme to study and go deep in it together.
  • Topics including: Mindset, Investing, Dating, Fitness, Business etc...
  • I’ll share handpicked books to read - books that I’m currently reading or have already read. No more books that are full of fluff and don’t actually help you.


Valued at: $29

Basic Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)

Total Program Value: $582


Yearly Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Bonus 7: 2 months off my yearly membership (Valued at $78)
  • BONUS 8: Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developers (Valued at $199)

Total Program Value: 1,258

JOIN THE many BULLDOGS ON THE path to success!

If you have any issues at all, email me down below!

I’ll get it handled and I’m happy to help.

[email protected]

How does The Bulldog Mindset help YOU?

You got this far and want to know why you should join the Bulldog Mindset membership. 

Fair enough. Let’s break this down into sections. 

I am giving you my exact road-map and step-by-step playbook. 

The shift in your mindset to the Bulldog Mindset will help you achieve results in all these areas. Health, wealth, and relationships.



You will tap into your true potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

By maximizing your looks, shifting your beliefs and showing you exactly how to lose weight.


You will develop true core confidence. You won’t be plagued by crippling social anxiety. You’ll know how to handle your fear. You’ll know how to destroy depression and self-hate. 


  • You’ll love the way you look. 
  • No guilt towards your huge gut anymore. 
  • You’ll love who you’ve become. 
  • Be proud of your achievements.
  • You’ll enjoy being yourself. 
  • No more holding yourself back. 


All of these things I struggled with in my life. 

Now you can overcome them.


Imagine a brand new you filled with new opportunities.

Higher quality relationships in your social circle. 


More people who are invested in you. 

 More energy to pursue your passions. Walk tall and proud. 


The Bulldog Mindset will show you how to become an attractive man sought by women and men. 

It’s no secret that everyone loves a self-confident and healthy man.



You will know exactly how to create financial independence with the Bulldog Mindset. 


I will guide you down a path that takes you out of your financial prison. 


I will guide you and pinpoint what area in business you should niche down to. 

Even guide you on how to invest properly. 


I will show you how to start your own business. 

How to build traffic and find leads. So you can be self sustainable. 


  • You can become your own boss. So you can work when you want to.  
  • You can develop your own passive income. So you can go do the fun things.
  • You can build and OWN your own business. So you can create a legacy. 


Having wealth and a lot of money won’t make you happy.


Having lots of wealth will give you access to the things that CAN make you happy.


Like taking care of your parents in old age.

Like taking your whole family on a trip. Imagine their shock when you do that. 

Like never having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. 


I’m sure you can help more people with more money. 


The Bulldog Mindset will show you a life of freedom. 

A life to choose your own path.



The Bulldog Mindset will mold you into a social chameleon. 

You’ll know exactly how to interact in any social environment. 


You can escape overthinking and being trapped in your own mind. 


  • You’ll have no trouble with leading conversations with women.
  • You’ll know exactly what attracts women and how to utilize that. 
  • You’ll be able to gauge physical escalation with women. 


You’ll be able to remove these roadblocks. 

You will naturally cultivate a higher quality social circle. 


You’ll be able to go on higher quality dates with great women. 

Guys will be envious of your newfound abilities. 


You’ll know exactly what to do as a man in a long term relationship. 

Knowing this is essential to living a life of influence and high social status. 


A high quality man knows how to handle his relationships.




Inside and out. So you can pursue new opportunities. 

A new life and a better you. The you that you always wanted to be.


All it takes is a simple shift in your core beliefs and mindset.





The Bulldog Mindset Membership actually saves you time. 

One of my problems when starting out, was finding out what to learn and how to learn it. 


This cuts your time by years and decades. You don’t have to go through my mistakes. 


There is too much information out there. It can be overwhelming. 

So much that it paralyzes you. I’ve seen it happen. 


The amount of time it takes you to go through this course is minuscule. 

When comparing to hundreds of hours in school, decades of trial and error. 

This is a road-map that saves you more time.





You and I have more in common then. 

When I started developing the Bulldog Mindset I was exactly that.


I overcame those exact hurdles and now I’m proof of concept. 

This isn’t about being the best looking or most rich person in the world. 


It’s about maximizing your true potential. Opening up all the doors for you.

So you can live the life you want. A life with real purpose. 


The Bulldog Mindset shows you exactly how to develop:

Real self-confidence, financial abundance, and how to be attractive to women. 





Are you telling me you can’t find 29.97 a month? 


This course teaches you how to make way more than that. 

This is an investment in yourself. 


ALL successful people spend THOUSANDS a month on mentors and coaches. 

The number I spend a month would scare most people. 


The Bulldog Mindset shows you exactly how you can find your business idea.

How to develop it into a real working live business. 


I take you step by step from developing a niche, to capture leads and even your own product launch.


So you can make hundreds to thousands a month right away.

It’s free to start a blog. It’s free to start a channel. I get that. 


But, If you want to make serious money. You need the whole picture. 

I show you what to do, every step along the way. 





Are you kidding me? 


This is one of the best times to make money. 

The internet changed everything. Being online is a game changer. 


If the market is saturated. That’s a good thing. 

That means there is money circling through that market. 


Quality always rises to the top.

If someone else is already doing it. YOU CAN TOO

 The problem most guys have is they don’t know how to focus on a market.


They don't’ know how to niche down or target properly.

They don’t know how to capture leads or how to create a list. 


Or how to invest and bring traffic to your sites. 

Why try and figure that out on your own? 


Most people get frustrated and quit. Then say it doesn’t work. 


I’m already doing all this. The whole process. 

I will show you how in the Bulldog Mindset membership. 





I’ve coached and shown men from all types of life.

Different countries, ethnicity, heights, economic backgrounds, etc. 


I've heard it all: 


“I’m too poor, I’m too short, I don't speak English, I’m blah Blah BLAH...” 


What The Bulldog Mindset gives you is a proven road-map. 

Many “normal” guys have gone through and achieved results. 


Why would you be any different? 

Don’t let this become an excuse to not act. 


Scroll down to see real examples from real people. 

If other people can do it. You can too. 


And if you are still unconvinced....

I love a challenge. BRING IT.





Fair point my friend. 


I know some guys only care about the business aspect.

And don’t give a damn about the dating parts. 


It’s normal to think that. 

Let me counter with this. 


Let’s say you learn how to conquer your social anxiety. 

You learn how to approach men and women. 


Don’t you think this translates to other aspects of your life? 


That business pitch you need to do? 

Being confident inspires credibility. 


That important investors meeting? 

People want to know if you can lead properly. 


How about learning to talk with prospects and clients?

No one wants to do business with someone who isn't confident in themselves. 


How about your fitness?

You don’t think feeling good about yourself could lead to more opportunities?


How about that company speech you have to do?

When you look and feel good. People notice. 


How about having more energy to work on your business? 

More mental bandwidth to tackle the hard tasks. 


A man of high status has all of these traits handled. 

So yes, you may not need to handle your dating or fitness now…


You will eventually... 

Why not tackle it sooner than later? 


The Bulldog Mindset can propel you towards these goals faster.




Some guys aren’t ready to handle success. 


It does take a lot of work. 

 Anything worth going after always does. 


There is no magic pill or elevator that takes you right to the top. 

The Bulldog Mindset is not for men who want a mediocre life. 


There is nothing wrong with having an average life. 

If you want to go to your 9-5 job and live a secure life. 


I respect that. As long as you are 100% content by doing that.



This is for men who want to excel and achieve greater levels of success. 


Men who want to succeed with women, their finances and their fitness. 


If you are not committed to change or a new opportunity. 


This isn’t for you. 


If you do nothing with what I give you. 

The program is a waste of your time. 


The Bulldog Mindset is meant to be acted upon. 

 Because it works. It worked for me. It worked for other guys. 


It works. Period. Take a look at how others are succeeding. 


Why not you as well?



Unlike all the other “gurus” that offer fitness, dating, mindset and financial advice. 


I’ve been there. I’ve lived this. I have all 4 categories handled. Do they?

You shouldn’t take advice from anyone, unless they are where you want to be. 


  • I’ve cultivated the physique and discipline. 
  • I’ve generated millions with multiple products and businesses. 
  • I’ve conquered crippling mindsets that guys won’t get over.
  • I’ve dominated social environments and I’ve overcome my insecurities.


This is why I am qualified to guide you.

I truly believe that in order to be a high status man. 

You must develop ALL 4 pillars of this course: 


  • Health.
  • Wealth.
  • Relationships.
  • Mindset.


The Bulldog Mindset gives you all of that in one place. 

No watered down BS. No filters. 


You don’t have to waste time: 


figuring out what guide or product to learn from. 

figuring out who is credible enough to learn from.

figuring out which advice works or doesn’t. 


This is the step-by-step road-map for all 4 core pillars. 


That is what makes The Bulldog Mindset so unique.

It’s the one place that has it all. 


All the information you need to increase your status as a true man.


You’ll also be invited to a group of like-minded achievers. 

In this group we push not only ourselves but we lift each other up. This private group is invite only. 



No risk, No hassle, No problem.

Even after all that you decide that The Bulldog Mindset isn’t for you. 

You can cancel at any time. No questions asked. 

You can take the info and try to figure it out on your own.



Right now I’m opening the doors to the Bulldog Mindset Membership for only a small window of time. 


Due to the high demand. I can only let in a few new members per opening.

I want to give the new members my utmost attention.  


Or my alternative is to increase the prices (probably double). 

This is likely to happen soon. 


I’m also unsure if I want to keep the same bonuses for next time.



Either way, the best thing you can do for your success at this moment...

Is to lock in the Bulldog Mindset membership at this price. 


Before it’s too late.  

 If you are serious about obtaining new opportunities in your life. 


A brand new you: 


  • That can achieve true financial independence and become your own boss.
  • Where you can obtain rock solid core confidence and shed your insecurities. 
  • Where you can feel good in your new body and have others envy you. 


All you have to do is adopt The Bulldog Mindset.


john running a half marathon

-John Sonmez

Founder - Bulldog Mindset

Basic Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)

Total Program Value: $582


Yearly Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Bonus 7: 2 months off my yearly membership (Valued at $78)
  • BONUS 8: Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developers (Valued at $199)

Total Program Value: 1,258

JOIN THE many BULLDOGS ON THE path to success!

Here is more proof from “normal” people:

“He’s expanded the way I take life and expanded my knowledge base.”
— Daniel

“John helped me build a multi 6 figure business in less than 18 months.” — Gregory

“John helped me tremendously during my salary negotiations and helped me squeeze another $5000 to $10000.” — Wallace

“He seems to genuinely care about his clients and that’s a good experience.” — Conrad

“I was able to pick up the intuitive ways of how to invest and how to really look at money.” — Sanjay

“John has a surprising amount of knowledge. All of it was super helpful for growing my business and becoming a better person in general.” — Johnny

“I lost a bunch of weight working with John’s ideas. I’ve lost over 100 pounds since. And he’s one of the reasons why I’m still alive.”
— Christopher

“It’s a great community all around. You get a lot of support and accountability. It helps you move towards your goals in every aspect of your life.” — Michael

“It gave me answers I didn't know I was looking for. It turned out to be a life changing decision.” — Andrew

“Now I have a plan. That gives me hope and I’m less confused now.”
— Serge

“I’m taking more initiative. I’m being more specific about my goals and I’m actually accomplishing them.” — Vincent

“The Bulldog Mindset has changed my life. It helped me take action and seeing others take action helps me stay motivated and on track.”
— Daniel

“I’ve been way more productive since I started. My amount of dedication towards the business has improved drastically. My goal is to get the business to a 7 figure business.” — Parker

“When I joined John's live sessions it excited me. I got to hear stories from other men — about how they want to eat the world and have a great life. I really identify with this community. You won’t find another private community anywhere else.
— Carlos

“This has been the most successful year financially. A lot of that is due to the Bulldog Mindset.”
— Antony

“Before I started following John. I wouldn't have applied for this job. It would have been plain sailing and coasting through life. I applied for it and actually got the job.” — Sean

“The pillars it’s built upon are important in my life — like career, social life and health. The content, especially the content not on YouTube is very good. There’s some diamonds in the course that helped me a lot.” — Martin





P.S. Your full transformation is one step away. 
The Bulldog Mindset is the answer you're looking for. 


No need to wander around feeling lost. 

No need to live your life without real purpose anymore.

If you want true financial independence and freedom. 
If you want to cultivate true self-confidence and remove your insecurities. 

If you want to maximize your looks. 

If you want to free your mind of anxiety.   

If you want to adopt the mindset to succeed.

The Bulldog Mindset is your answer. 

It’s the step-by-step road-map to opportunity.


Remember, If you decide this isn’t for you feel free to cancel any time. 

Zero risk for you. No questions asked. 


But you have to act fast. I don’t know how long I’ll keep doors open.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep it at this price. 

 I’m not sure if I’ll keep the same bonuses for next time.


Join today to lock in your special price and claim your bonuses!


Join me and the other Bulldog members today!

 This is the same path I took. I proved that it works. 

 Now I offer it to you. 


Live a life of freedom

Where you can go and do anything you want


That’s the real power of the Bulldog Mindset.

 See you on the inside future Bulldog.

Basic Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)

Total Program Value: $582


Yearly Membership

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Bonus 7: 2 months off my yearly membership (Valued at $78)
  • BONUS 8: Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developers (Valued at $199)

Total Program Value: 1,258

JOIN THE many BULLDOGS ON THE path to success!