Attention: Men who want to take their lives to the next level...

Want Me To be Your Mentor For The Next 20 - 35 Years?

A lifetime of guidance and REAL advice you won’t find in school...

Dear Bulldog,

Most men are failing

Here’s a couple reasons why...

They don’t don’t learn how to manage their finances...which leads to them struggling to make ends meet.

They don’t know how to manage their their body becomes soft and weak.

They don’t know how to handle confrontations...which leads to frustration and miscommunication.

They don’t know how to stop feeling sorry for themselves...which leads to a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

And the list goes on…

It’s because they were never taught
real life lessons from school

Do you expect an 18 year old to have it all figured out when they leave high school?

No...of course not. In fact, most adults never have their shit together.

...And I assume one of these reasons is why you’re in the Bulldog Mindset Membership right now (or will be soon).

You want to get your life in want me to help you do it. I’ll get to how you can leverage my experience even more in a minute...

Well, you're smart. Thank you for being a member. And thank you for investing in yourself (if you're a member).

Now, if you’re reading this letter, you probably want might feel stuck and want the results faster.

You want to achieve your goals quicker and easier. You want to become your best self — without having to spend too much much time or money...

If this is you...keep reading because I’m going to tell you how you can get me to teach you all my secrets for the next 20 - 35 years (or until I die or retire...)

Let me give you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted...

As you already know (or should know), I started the Bulldog Mindset Membership to help men reach their full potential...

More and more men want help and I don’t blame them. Society is failing them...weak men try to blindly lead them...

...And more and more people fall prey to the victim mindset…

I’m sure you can see it happening all around you…

Instead, let me personally guide you
through every challenge life throws at you

It’s why I’m creating an army of strong building more strong men, we can help rebuild this broken society...

We can lift more guys to freedom...

So how will I be doing this? With your help of course…

You are privately invited to join my 
Bulldog Mindset pack for LIFE

...And this group will be filled with my exclusive inner circle.

You see, I realized I can only reach so many guys on my own. So to increase the Bulldog Mindset influence, I want more leaders. I need generals for my army — and I want you to be one.

...And no, I’m not recruiting for some scammy MLM or crazy cult. I’m going to do what most “gurus” and self proclaimed “life coaches” will never do…

...I’m going to give you even MORE value... 

  • By having me guide you for a lifetime perhaps until the day I die — even if they ban me or censor me
  • I’ll create a place to receive more personal help from me. So you don’t have to figure it out on your own
  • A way to invest in your success for life and receive endless training in all areas
  • To have me at your ringside corner for all of life’s toughest challenges. No matter how crazy or weird we’ll figure it out 

If you’ve been a Bulldog Mindset Member for a long’ve seen how much value I bring.

Because of my results and yours...every year the membership continues to grow — at a very fast pace.

This year alone the membership has more than tripled...

My channel is gradually gaining more subscribers and I’m meeting more and more big players in the men’s community. I’m at pace to become one of the most influential people in the men’s self-development sphere...the journey to improvement never ends after all.

Now let’s talk business...before I get into the specifics and details.

I want to show you who is this NOT for: 

  • If you have all the money you can handle
  • If your body and health is in perfect condition
  • If you have a harem of women fighting for you
  • If your relationships have zero problems
  • If you have no doubts, no fear and no anxiety
  • If you have no desire to improve and get to the next level
  • If you're life is exactly the way you want it to be
  • If you have complete freedom in every aspect of your life...

...Then you can stop reading here. (I appreciate your support.)

And at this point you may be wondering…

OK, how are you possibly going to give us MORE value? What’s the catch?

Well, I will get to it soon but let me ask you...have I failed you yet? Have I compromised my beliefs to make a quick buck?


I know you don’t need convincing but hang in there for a moment...

What you get with me is genuine unlike the other coaches out there... And there’s much easier ways of making money if I wanted to. I would not have started out with one of the hardest things to do...

Memberships and continuity is notoriously difficult (to build, sell, market, create, maintain). I chose the hard path because it’s what I believe in.

I know the obstacle is the way.

And if you’re unfamiliar about my coaching credentials check out these recent testimonials…

“John helped me tremendously during my salary negotiations and helped me squeeze another $5000 to $10000.” — Wallace

“He seems to genuinely care about his clients and that’s a good experience.” — Conrad

Now, I know I don’t have to do this but this part is for any new member…

Are you tired of feeling stuck in every aspect of your life?
Would you like me to be your safety net?

So why should you want me to be your life long coach or mentor?

As you already know...I’m John Sonmez. I run successful businesses without having to actively do much work anymore (all of it was upfront).

So now I’m making over 40 - 60 thousand per month...real passive income. I've written a ton of best selling books — like soft skills and my career guide for software developers.

I've coached hundreds of guys in many negotiate a higher salary to buy their first house. To master social dynamics and drop down to healthy body weight...

You’ve probably seen my transformation stories of how I went from a fat and lazy geek to what I am today...and you’re looking to do the same with your life... 

...To have an amazing transformation story of your own

...Because you know how it feels to be lost. To go through life without any real purpose. To struggle to make ends meet. To wonder if this is all life has to offer you…

You probably stuck around because you were tired of it all. Tired of being lied to by mainstream media and the institutions.

You want revenge for all the times people have put you down or made fun of you.

You want to prove to everyone that you're good enough and can perform at the highest levels... 

Because what we’re all doing isn’t working anymore

There’s always more we can do. I know what it feels like to struggle and not make enough progress.

It's why we set out on the search for answers...for the truth on how to succeed as a man...

To become successful in a world which hates us. 

I found one answer to make it go faster and easier...find a mentor and learn from him...

And I've looked for the right teacher and mentors as well. I didn't know who to trust or listen to because there were a lot of fakers...

People flexing in front of fancy cars they don't even own. Or making fake pick up videos with actors they paid.

It was hard to find the right person to learn from.

And here’s the thing which happens to 80% of guys. They want to improve every aspect of their life but they either don't know where to start. Or they don't stick with it long enough to get results.

They try one thing after another. Jumping from one half baked solution to another.

They try one coach then try another or they buy a new course without finishing the last one...

It’s like a dog chasing one car after another. Instead of biting on one thing and never letting go...

...And most guys know WHAT to do. But rarely do they know HOW to do it... 

It’s why 95% of men fail

They try to get motivation and willpower to get things done...but we all know those come and go.

What you need is a constant stream of actionable information. You need to stick with the right teacher for at least 6 months.

Even 5 years if you really want to commit to success.

Most small businesses take at least 2 to 3 years to be profitable and become truly successful once they’ve hit the 7 to 10 year mark.— Freshbooks, financial software for businesses.

And remember the 10,000 rule by Malcolm Gladwell...If you spent 40 hours per week mastering your craft for 50 weeks per year. It would take you 5 years to become a real master.

Consistency and persistence is key to success in our lives. We can’t ignore it. This is the real secret to success and if you...

Want to escape from being average...

Well, you know I'm an advocate for just copying the person who is where you want to be. Do what they do. The path to success is already laid out for you…

Model off of success.

It’s why I want to offer you the chance to be coached by me for a can literally take my advice which will be custom fit to you. And you can go out and execute because you know the source is legit.

Which will also give you some peace of mind since you know I'm going to be in your corner to look out for you.

Why try to solve it all on your own or learn from an unproven mentor?

It’s frustrating living this way...

Instead, I can help you with your sticking pints and give you an objective view...

I can tell you the exact steps you need to take get to the next level in life... 

For the first time ever you can have me be your coach
and have me in your corner for a lifetime

It’s like having a boxing coach in your corner...I’ll be there to guide you through every event. Through any crisis...through any major milestone. I’ll tell you when you should duck or when you should jab.

I know what I am doing and this is one of the fastest ways to get to where you want to be in life. Ongoing coaching allows you to... 

  • Avoid pitfalls you will encounter
  • Leverage my information and wisdom 
  • Structure a plan based off the right information
  • Build and achieve your long-term goals
  • Allows you to be more engaged in life
  • Increased confidence in work and social life

Also “wellness coaching was found to improve quality of life, mood and perceived stress” according to a Mayo Clinic study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings — Matthew Clark, Ph.D

I know I don’t have to convince you...

Also, I know the membership has a few weaknesses. A lot of people will consume the content and do nothing with it — then say it doesn't work...

I get there needs to be more accountability…people need a bit more ongoing help...

So I did some thinking on how I could improve the membership for more members.

Also I know members want alternative aspects of the membership… like more coaching on business building or only on fitness. It’s because everyone at different points in their lives.

So I had to figure out a way to make the membership more custom fitted. So I came up with this solution…

And I want to introduce…

The NEW Bulldog Mindset Platinum Membership

Lifetime access to the membership and Bulldog core pillars program
Exclusive invite to the NEW platinum group

Of course you still get everything that makes the regular Bulldog Mindset Membership great: 

Bulldog Mindset Module 1

The weekly deep dive training videos into health, wealth, relationships and mindset (over 111 weeks and counting).
Total Value: ($197+)

Private members only group on Facebook.

The monthly Q&A sessions.

The exclusive interviews.

My quick book summaries.

The book club.

The private Strava running group.

All current and future Masterclasses for free


The bonus resources and discounts


All the downloadable PDFs and helpful guides


Total value of the regular membership: $660

So here’s what you will be getting in addition to the features above...

NEW: Private Platinum only group

You’ll be invited to a NEW and exclusive group. This will be my inner circle and where I plan to spend more of my time. I want to give more help to men in this group...

This group will also have more influence in the Bulldog Mindset community...that could be through polls and what type of topics you would like me to cover next.

You’ll be able to see what I do behind the scenes in my business. A sneak peak at what I do and how I do it before anyone else.

You’ll also get priority access for any Q&A session. You will be treated like a VIP and I’ll make sure to help you out first...

Valued at: $58

NEW: Platinum only group call once a month on Zoom/Facebook/YouTube

You’ll get access to an additional group coaching call with Platinum and gold members only.

This is where I can give you custom advice to help you overcome your current challenges. This will happen once a month on the platform of my choosing. I’ll let you know beforehand.

These calls will be intimate and will serve you much better.

Valued at: $1500

NEW: Calls will be recorded and put into their own members area

These private calls will be recorded and placed into your very own membership area.

This way you can re-watch them at any time. You’ll always have access to these recordings to study and refer to.

Valued at: $29

NEW: 15% permanent discount on all products and future products or events

You’ll get a permanent 15% discount on all events and future products
Bulldog Mindset releases.

This will be huge as I plan to expand and do a lot more with Bulldog Mindset in the next year. This alone will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars...

Valued at: $97

NEW: 15% off on Bulldog Mindset personal coaching

Anytime you need coaching from’ll get it for 15% off.

If you want even more help from can book sessions more often for being a lifetime member...

Valued at: $225

All together it comes to the value of:

Now, before I tell you how you can join my inner circle. I have to address some objections...

You know how valuable being a member of this community’re getting legit help and advice from me.

I’m not some self proclaimed guru who has never done this before. I’m not some fake “life coach” looking to make a quick buck.

I’m not a woo-woo manifestation master. I can't make you manifest your girlfriend or dog back from nowhere...

You've seen the results I produce and I hope you can do the same or ever better than me.

Isn't this why you joined the membership in the first place? 

So why not take it up a notch?

Sure, you can go try other groups or learn from someone else. I’m not opposed to it all...

...But a lot of them don't have the proven track record like I do. And you’ll probably pick up some bad habits or advice which I’ll have to help you overturn anyways.

Let’s save each other the time and avoid it...

...And sure you can always take my monthly coaching...which I charge $1500 for. But trust me...this way will be way more efficient.

You’ll be getting the same advice I give to my private coaching students…

“I was able to pick up the intuitive ways of how to invest and how to really look at money.” — Sanjay

“Now I have a plan. That gives me hope and I’m less confused now.”
— Serge

So what happens next?

When you sign up for the Platinum Membership, it will be super easy to transition into...

All you have to do is show up for the new monthly calls. I’ll help you personally get yourself out of stagnation and back into growth mode.

Then you can re-watch those replays in your membership area for when you need them.

Same with the weekly videos, just watch them and apply them to your life. Take action and improve. Encourage each other and reach new heights together...

So this will be the first round of members I open this to. After this round...I will cap the Platinum group and not let anyone else in for a while.

This is so I can give the current members the best value I can.

I’ll be releasing the Gold Membership to the public much later. And it will be starting at $999 to join...

So it’s best to get a spot now before I close the doors for a couple months...

Look, you know why I’m doing this right?

It’s my personal mission to really help guys out there. But sometimes you just need a good kick in the ass to take action.

Sometimes you just need a little push for your whole life to change. And sometimes you need someone like me to give you the right action to take…

This is why I’m creating an inner circle...

And like I said could join other mastermind groups which charge $40,000 a year to even join.

You could get my monthly coaching every single month ($1500 x 12 = $18,000).

You can spend your hard earned cash buying $1000 courses all over the place…

Or you can continue to commit to the Bulldog Mindset right now.

Because the cost of not doing it is way worse... 

  • Wasted time and energy figuring it out alone
  • Opportunity cost by trying other things
  • Overwhelm from multiple sources
  • Bad habits from un-credible “coaches”

Trust me when I say this...commit and it will save you way more time and money. I've been there, it’s how I know... 

So let’s cut to the chase,
you want to know how to get it to my inner circle…

Normally, the Bulldog Mindset Membership is a monthly option. I do have the yearly option too.

Well I want to change all of it and do something different…

Right now you can join for a single payment. But it doesn't end there...

You can join FOR LIFE for a single payment.

This is something I've never done before...right now during this weekend I’ll let you have Lifetime access for one payment of $999. Or 4 payments of $289... 

Lifetime access, no end date, no monthly fees, forever…


  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Full access to the Passive Income Masterclass (Valued at: $49)
  • NEW: Private Platinum and Gold members only group (Valued at $58)
  • NEW: Platinum and Gold only group call (Valued at $1500)
  • NEW: Calls will be recorded and put into own members area (Valued at $29)
  • NEW: 15% discount on future products or events Valued at: $97
  • NEW: Permanent 15% discount on events and future products (Valued at $97)
  • NEW: 15% off on Bulldog Mindset personal coaching (Valued at $225)



When you click the button, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. This is where my team will process your information and get you sorted out.

You’ve been through this process before so it won't be any different.

You’ll get a couple emails explaining what to do next and what to expect.

Now, to push you off the fence and get you to really commit. I’m going to throw in a couple bonuses. But I'm only going to offer these bonuses this weekend…


BONUS: Full Course Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developers - VALUED AT $199

  • Why real estate is the BEST Investment today
  • The simple truth about cash flow vs. leverage
  • A real example of leverage and cash flow
  • What most people get wrong about investing vs. speculating
  • An easy to follow and basic strategy for investing
  • The types of rental properties you need to know for success
  • My quick start guide on how you can get started 
  • The only way to Identify a really good deal
  • Avoid these mistakes when you make offers
  • What you need to look out for during home inspections
  • The secrets for obtaining financing series
  • How to make your life easier with hiring a property manager
  • Avoid the not so obvious scams and protect yourself
  • What should you be doing during bubbles and booms
  • The #1 rule for protecting your assets
  • The biggest pitfalls and mistakes most new investors make
  • Common questions and answers revealed

BONUS: STOP BEING LAZY!  Audiobook Edition - VALUED AT $6.95

  • How I retired in my early 30’s by ONLY shifting my mindset
  • The one crucial detail that separates you from top performing athletes, celebrities and CEOs
  • A simple method to hypnotize your subconscious and bend it to your will
  • How embracing this “concept” helped me overcome my deep phobias and removed my panic attacks
  • The 5 quick steps to removing laziness according to ‎Ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle
  • If you don’t set this overlooked aspect properly, you’ll still end up failing
  • How to handle tough times by doing the opposite of what other “gurus” tell you
  • Defeating overwhelm and becoming a finisher with a simple tomato technique
  • The one thing to never stop doing if you want to become a Bulldog
  • How to handle falling off the rails when it eventually happens
  • Comes with bonus content not found in the print book version

Read this part carefully...

Look, I know this will be a great experience for you and everyone else...

I know I’ll provide you with so much value in our new monthly calls...

You’ll be getting custom advice you won't learn anywhere else. I know I can really help you get your life where you want it to be... 

Let me give you the peace of mind 
you've always wanted...

But with that said...I want full commitment only.

No wishy washy maybes. This means no refunds. This is a lifetime membership. This is one of the best offers you'll ever see and I don't want to deal with fence sitters.

So you should only join if you want my help and guidance. This isn't a half-in and half-out kind of deal.

You have been warned...

But if you have any questions please contact support at: [email protected]

Lifetime access, no end date, no monthly fees, forever…


  • Core Pillar Program: 100+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Full access to the Passive Income Masterclass (Valued at: $49)
  • NEW: Private Platinum and Gold members only group (Valued at $58)
  • NEW: Platinum and Gold only group call (Valued at $1500)
  • NEW: Calls will be recorded and put into own members area (Valued at $29)
  • NEW: 15% discount on future products or events Valued at: $97
  • NEW: Permanent 15% discount on events and future products (Valued at $97)
  • NEW: 15% off on Bulldog Mindset personal coaching (Valued at $225)
  • BONUS 1: Full Course Simple Real Estate Investing (Valued at: $199)
  • BONUS 2: STOP BEING LAZY! Audiobook Edition (Valued at: $6.95)


Join The Bulldog Pack for LIFE

become a success story... 

Every day we all push each other to reach our true potential.

“He’s expanded the way I take life and expanded my knowledge base.”
— Daniel

“Before I started following John. I wouldn't have applied for this job. It would have been plain sailing and coasting through life. I applied for it and actually got the job.” — Sean

“John has a surprising amount of knowledge. All of it was super helpful for growing my business and becoming a better person in general.” — Johnny

“John helped me build a multi 6 figure business in less than 18 months.” — Gregory

“I lost a bunch of weight working with John’s ideas. I’ve lost over 100 pounds since. And he’s one of the reasons why I’m still alive.”
— Christopher

“It’s a great community all around. You get a lot of support and accountability. It helps you move towards your goals in every aspect of your life.” — Michael

“It gave me answers I didn't know I was looking for. It turned out to be a life changing decision.”
— Andrew

“I’ve been way more productive since I started. My amount of dedication towards the business has improved drastically. My goal is to get the business to a 7 figure business.” — Parker

“I’m taking more initiative. I’m being more specific about my goals and I’m actually accomplishing them.” — Vincent

“This has been the most successful year financially. A lot of that is due to the Bulldog Mindset.”
— Antony

“The Bulldog Mindset has changed my life. It helped me take action and seeing others take action helps me stay motivated and on track.”
— Daniel

“The pillars it’s built upon are important in my life — like career, social life and health. The content, especially the content not on YouTube is very good. There’s some diamonds in the course that helped me a lot.” — Martin

“When I joined John's live sessions it excited me. I got to hear stories from other men — about how they want to eat the world and have a great life. I really identify with this community. You won’t find another private community anywhere else — Carlos

Now you have two very important choices to make my friend…

You can continue with the basic Bulldog Mindset Membership...there’s no harm in doing this...

You're' already steps ahead of 90% of men out there by being a member. You’ll still receive all the great benefits of being a regular member.

I understand some members are at different levels so no harm, no foul if you don't join right now...

But I have to ask you…don't you want more?

Don't you want to take it to the next level?

Don't you want this process to go even faster

Don't you want to enter the top 5% of men?

This is what I’m offering you if you join the Platinum Membership. A lifetime of guidance from me until the day I die...

Worst case scenario: You try it out for 60 days and decide it ain’t for you. Nothing changes. Life remains status quo and you continue on the path...

Best case scenario: I help you change your life instantly. New opportunities. No more guessing. More abundance in all areas of your, wealth, relationships and mindset. And I’m in your corner every step of the way…

The choice is yours to make

But I do have to warn you...I’m only going to keep this offer open for this weekend as I want to make this launch as smooth as possible.

So you have until Monday at midnight to decide...

So if you want to be a Bulldog FOR LIFE click the button below...

-John Sonmez

Founder, Bulldog Mindset

P.S. — What more can I say at this point? If you’re still reading then are on the fence for some odd reason.

You can keep the bonuses and have 60 days to try it out. I’m taking all the risk on my shoulders.

You’ll be getting all the answers you need to have a successful life as a man. There’s over what — 88 weeks worth of content all designed to help you. In every aspect of your life too. Your health, wealth, relationships and mindset.

But this time, you can get this and more for a lifetime. It’s only going to get better from here on out.

I've shown you the results my members get by joining. Lives have been changed and the results speak for itself. You’re probably one of those people.

Look, I get it can be very scary to change your life. It can be overwhelming to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get ahead. Most guys know WHAT to do, but they have no idea HOW to do it. This is the solution I provide.

This is it. I have nothing left to say. I hope you make the right decision and join me on this amazing journey. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You don’t have to remain stuck. You can overcome and become powerful. You have me to back you up.

Make the commitment to yourself...

That’s the Bulldog way.

Lifetime access, no end date, no monthly fees, forever…


  • Core Pillar Program: 100+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)
  • Full access to the Passive Income Masterclass (Valued at: $49)
  • NEW: Private Platinum and Gold members only group (Valued at $58)
  • NEW: Platinum and Gold only group call (Valued at $1500)
  • NEW: Calls will be recorded and put into own members area (Valued at $29)
  • NEW: 15% discount on future products or events Valued at: $97
  • NEW: Permanent 15% discount on events and future products (Valued at $97)
  • NEW: 15% off on Bulldog Mindset personal coaching (Valued at $225)
  • BONUS 1: Full Course Simple Real Estate Investing (Valued at: $199)
  • BONUS 2: STOP BEING LAZY! Audiobook Edition (Valued at: $6.95)


Join The Bulldog Pack for LIFE


Question: “TOO OLD TO JOIN?”

A: No. We have members of all ages. Young students to men with tons of life wisdom and experience.

Question: This is not a monthly plan?
A: No, once you’ve made the full payment(s)’re in for life. No more billing after.


A: Every time we stand still in life, we are actually getting worse. That’s why a constant stream of teaching and action is needed. By joining now, members can accelerate their success and remove themselves from bad situations faster.

 Question: Who’s a good fit for this?
A: Any current Bulldog Mindset Member who wishes to take it to the next level in life. If you trust I can help you make more money, have better relationships, get in better shape and develop a clear mind.

I know this isn't for everyone and this is OK. I only want really committed members.

Question: What happens if I miss a call?
A: You can watch the replay in the members area.

Question: I have more questions before I want to join
A: Email the team at [email protected]

Question: What happens to my current membership?
A: You’ll be upgraded and still have access to everything the regular membership provides.

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