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  • The practical steps to overcome your laziness so you can sculpt the body you’ve always wanted
  • The proper mindset for achieving success that every self-confident man has

You will see the exact steps I took to get where I am today.

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  • Become your own boss and not answer to some faceless jerk
  • Obliterate laziness and get your optimal body
  • Learn the secrets of dating to get the girls you want
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The Bulldog Mindset Core Pillars Program. 

Over 69+ hours of content — to quickly refer back to at any time...

You gain access to commercial free, exclusive video content. This content is NOT available on the YouTube channel. 

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The Bulldog Mindset Core Pillars Program: Over 69+ hours of content — to quickly refer back to at any time...

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Bulldog Mindset Module 1

Mindset Lessons

  • The ONLY mindset for success. Why we live and die by this
  • How any man can maximize their potential and make the most out of their time
  • The true skill of working with no motivation or depression
  • Maximize productivity by using this surefire method
  • Exactly when to give up
  • These game changer hacks for being productive
  • The often misunderstood concept of true freedom
  • The ONE best way to handle failure in life
  • What is “Beneficial pain” and how to use it to grow
  • How to overcome the fear of one’s mortality and loneliness
  • How to rewire the brain to stop bad behaviors and addictions. How “The Rubber Band Effect” works
  • How we live one day is how we live every day
  • Trust The Process. Follow the correct process to get results
  • Surprising solutions to taking back control in life
  • How to build trust within ourselves and what to do when we fall off the wagon
  • And much more...

Wealth Lessons

  • My biggest secrets to wealth, business and entrepreneurship
  • How to escape financial prisons by doing this ONE thing
  • How to make money from a business using these timeless techniques
  • How all the top businesses use email marketing to produce the biggest ROI
  • How to develop and launch the perfect product for an audience
  • Everyone must learn “The Wealth Triangle” to build true wealth in life
  • Creating a “Well That Never Runs Dry.” The insider secrets to financial security and “passive income generators”
  • The surprising reason why real estate investing is the best investment
  • The quick start guide to real estate investing for newbies
  • Why most “Guru’s” beliefs on money are completely wrong
  • The 4 step process for quitting a job — to become a full time entrepreneur
  • Exploring other avenues of income sources that work
  • How to automate a business and the “passive income” myth
  • The truth behind insurance and health insurance
  • Setup the right systems for working remotely
  • And much more...

Fitness Lessons

  • The “Domino effect'' to train the lazy out of us
  • The proper way to build a highly aesthetic physique
  • Why most people get nutrition and diet very wrong
  • A real life insight into my workouts, diets and supplements
  • Maximize fat loss by copying my foolproof running routine
  • Why most people fail at losing weight and sticking to their diets
  • How to get 6 pack abs!
  • Building big arms that get noticed by everyone
  • What you must know about extreme dieting and how it affects the body and mind
  • A complete description into performance enhancing drugs (SARMS / Steroids / TRT)
  • The vital element to why diet is 90% mental. The best way to structure cheat meals and diet breaks
  • What should we do when we get injured or sick
  • How to push beyond limits and go further. What to do when we get stuck
  • What to do when we reach a plateau in life
  • The 12 most common fitness and diet myths
  • And much more...

Social Lessons

  • The first steps for mastering the psychology of attraction
  • Where to lead conversations with women after the initial approach
  • How NOT to fail physical escalation with women
  • The truth behind fear and developing courage
  • Avoid these common mistakes 80% of men make when entering a long term relationship
  • How to become a sexual beast in the bedroom that keeps her coming for more
  • Mastering frame control to become more influential
  • The often overlooked tactics for maximizing your looks
  • A number of practical things to develop our masculinity
  • Overcome our feelings of inadequacy (with a member case study)
  • The only way to gain genuine confidence. Why situational confidence isn’t as good as overall confidence
  • A number of techniques to de-escalate physical confrontations and tips when there is no other option but to fight
  • Why 90% of men will never succeed at dating. What to do if results aren’t coming in
  • How to make anyone like us. The powerful hidden techniques to dominate any social interaction
  • Highly effective tactics to become the life of the party
  • And much more...

+ Plus downloadable mind-maps and cheat sheets for quick reference.

And much more content (updated weekly.)

Total Value: ($197+)

You'll go through the 4 pillars and tackle every subject a man has to know. Taught by someone who actually went through all this. Not some company face or fake Guru.


Exclusive access to the private members group ($29)

Access to the monthly Q&A live stream webinar ($249)

Priority access to exclusive interviews with top men ($49)

My personal hand picked book summaries ($29)

Exclusive access to my Strava running club  ($29)

Access to the private Bulldog Mindset Book Club ($29)

Total Program Value: $582

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  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)

Total Program Value: $582

Access To My Exclusive Bulldog Mindset Membership For Only $7


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Every day we all push each other to reach our true potential.

“He’s expanded the way I take life and expanded my knowledge base.”
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“I lost a bunch of weight working with John’s ideas. I’ve lost over 100 pounds since. And he’s one of the reasons why I’m still alive.”
— Christopher

“It’s a great community all around. You get a lot of support and accountability. It helps you move towards your goals in every aspect of your life.” — Michael

“It gave me answers I didn't know I was looking for. It turned out to be a life changing decision.” — Andrew

“Now I have a plan. That gives me hope and I’m less confused now.”
— Serge

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“When I joined John's live sessions it excited me. I got to hear stories from other men — about how they want to eat the world and have a great life. I really identify with this community. You won’t find another private community anywhere else.
— Carlos

“This has been the most successful year financially. A lot of that is due to the Bulldog Mindset.”
— Antony

“Before I started following John. I wouldn't have applied for this job. It would have been plain sailing and coasting through life. I applied for it and actually got the job.” — Sean

“The pillars it’s built upon are important in my life — like career, social life and health. The content, especially the content not on YouTube is very good. There’s some diamonds in the course that helped me a lot.” — Martin

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I will show you how to overcome those obstacles and much more.

4 reason why you need to adopt The Bulldog Mindset

  • Overcome your social anxiety and feel good
  • Learn how to create products and run a side hustle
  • Discover the techniques to attract high quality women
  • Find out how to motivate yourself and get fit

If you don’t want to continue in the membership you can cancel at any time at no risk to you. You could even take all that info and run. 

The best part of the membership is the private group. Everyday we push each other to overcome and succeed in all areas of our lives.

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See you on the inside

-John Sonmez


Bulldog Mindset

  • Core Pillar Program: 69+ hours of training content (Valued at: $197)
  • BONUS 1: Exclusive access to private members group (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 2: Access to monthly Q&A live stream (Valued at: $249)
  • BONUS 3: Priority access to exclusive interviews (Valued at: $49)
  • BONUS 4: My personal hand picked book summaries (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 5: Exclusive access to my Strava running club (Valued at: $29)
  • BONUS 6: Access to private Book Club (Valued at: $29)

Total Program Value: $582

"Unlock everything you need to know about being a man in his prime"

Trial offer: Get 30 day access to the entire Bulldog Mindset Membership For $7

Secure your spot before the membership closes

and the trial goes away forever...

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